Cool record mandala as a colorful wall decoration

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Creative record Mandala by Saza Roizen

The perfection of the circle, as well as the profound sense of transience and eternal life - all this hides in a mandala. This inspired the young artist Saza Roizen and created a wonderful record of Mandala. These are again a great example of modern upcycling art.

Not to be underestimated is the already well proven therapeutic effect of the mandalas. Thus, in almost all psychotherapeutic treatments, such as In ergotherapy always used coloring of mandalas templates. This employment ensures that patients are reasonably focused on something concrete and complete for a period of time, in order to be distracted from their own thoughts.

Enchanting flowers decorate the vinyl surface

platter mandalas blue white flower

 The artist uses acrylics, stencils, gels, crayons, ink and much more in her work. Under her fingers beautiful pieces of art are born, which enchant with imaginative ideas and masterful production. Saza herself states that the final result is not important to her, but above all the actual work process. At work, she forgets herself and the immediate surroundings and dedicates herself to the artwork with all her heart. Between artists and materials, this creates a unique world that has its own logic and rules. New forms and motifs are created one after the other. Impressive color combinations are put together. The old vinyl records get their second chance and awake to new life. These can be attached to its walls as an ornate decoration or set up as a colorful piece of art somewhere else.

If you like elegant ethnic motifs

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 Take a look at the wonderful creations of Saza Roizen and let your imagination run wild. Maybe you can find some old records in the cellar or in the attic, which you have long since forgotten. You can certainly spice it up and revive it. Dare it and get started! We wish you a lot of fun!

 Unique, abstract worlds are created 

vinyl record mandalas abstract motifs

Filigree art work to admire

vinyl record mandalas abstract art vinyl

Choose the right design according to taste and setting

vinyl record mandalas diy art

Impressive flower and delicate maritime nuances

vinyl mandalas floral motifs vinyl

Whole seasons arise before our eyes

vinyl mandala vinyl art art tree snow crystals

Graphic design and environmental friendliness in one

platter mandalas dots lines motifs

There are no limits to artistic fantasy

vinyl mandalas vinyl art diy