Sewing costumes yourself: 18-year-old Angela Clayton can do Desney costumes herself

Sewing historical costumes yourself ideas Angela Clayton

Sew Disney costumes yourself


Today we present you a young and very talented lady who sews costumes herself in her free time. Angela Clayton is only 18 years old, she is from Long Island, New York and has not yet completed a tailor training. But she can sew from an early age and she is practically a self-taught costume designer.

The tailoring she learned from her grandparents when she was 6 years old.

Her new hobby of sewing fancy costumes herself has only been running for 3 years now. Everything started with Angela's love of cosplay when she could not afford the nicest costumes. So she came up with the idea of ​​making her own costumes. At that time, the young lady has discovered her love of costume design and she always sews new creative costumes, even though she is no longer a cosplayer.

You can take a look at some of the projects of Angela Clayton ...

The young costume designer Angela Clayton and her creative costumes

Costumes sew themselves design Angela Clayton

Draw inspiration from the Middle Ages

Disney Costumes Adult Angela Clayton

The creative costumes of Angela Cayton knows no bounds. They can be both inspired by the fashion of the Middle Ages, as well as represent Disney princesses. Enjoy the professional work of a young self-taught costume designer!

Historical costumes stimulate the imagination of Angela

Sew on Angela Clayton's own historical costumes

Classic uniform in red

Disney costumes sew on Angela Clayton Costume Designer

Girl in the forest

Disney costumes themselves make Angela Clayton

Disney costumes are also part of the creative projects of the young lady
Fairy tale costumes sew sewn ideas Angela Clayton

Disguised as Merida

Merida costume itself make Angela Clayton

Cinderella costume made by yourself

Sewing Cinderella costume yourself Angela ClaytonPrincess costume herself make Angela Clayton

Dress decorated with fairy lights and golden artificial flowers

Costumes themselves sew Angela Clayton

Photo shoot in the snow

fancy costumes make themselves Angela Clayton fancy costumes sew by themselves Snow Queen Angela Clayton

Elsa the Frozen

Sew on Disney costumes yourself Angela Clayton

Sewing corset dresses - an elaborate project

sew historical costumes yourself Angela Clayton medieval fashion

Self-sewn costume with religious accents

Sewing Disney costume yourself Angela Clayton

Sewing costume - work process

Disney costume itself sew Angela Clayton's creative costumes

Professional costume design by 18-year-old Angela Cayton

make historical costumes yourself Angela Claytonsew creative costumes yourself Angela Clayton

Inspired by Asian style

Angela Clayton made creative costumes

DIY fairy tale costumes

Creative costumes made by myself Angela Clayton