30 DIY lamp ideas for unusual lighting at home

DIY lamp - bring light and a special touch in the room

It is definitely worth creating striking deco of everyday objects. Use reused materials for your DIY projects and you'll be fascinated by how great your creations can look. Today we'll go into some crafting ideas on how to create a cool lamp or a wonderful chandelier on your own. Even made of paper, bottles and wood, lamps can fascinate with their look and give an unusual look to the room. DIY items give a special look and make sure you look at specific items. So this is a wonderful way not only to drive boredom out of the room, but also out of your free time.

DIY lamp - A pineapple illuminates the room 

diy lamp unusual design

DIY lamp from old bottles

fancy lamps table lamp tinker blue bottle colored lampshade

Are you ready to create something yourself without the help of professionals? Do you want to show all your friends and relatives that you are environmentally friendly and a real fan of DIY? Then just find something that inspires you to make crafts and get to work! We suggest you with one DIY lamp to start. Regardless of whether you are led by financial reasons or just want to have an original eye-catcher in your living room or bedroom, you can draw inspiration from our picture gallery. Of course it is desirable that you create a lamp to admire, so you do not realize that the concrete object is an unprofessional tool!

Paper creates beautiful hanging lamps

fancy lamps diy ideas hanging lamp

Tinker colored pendant lamp

fancy lamps hanging lamp tinker colored

From bottles

Glass bottles serve as an excellent basis for the table lamp. Also choose a matching lampshade and you have a stylish lamp for the side table. The glass bottles are also great for creative candlesticks, which will make your living room or dining room completely different.

Very simple design

fancy lamps diy glass bottle plain

Illuminate the dining room through a fancy chandelier

fancy lamps bottles reuse rustic dining table

Cool idea how to illuminate the room in a rustic style

fancy lamps, wine bottles, candelabras tinker

Attractive lighting makes an immediate impression and will be remembered for a long time

fancy lamps hanging lamps tinker wooden wall

From preserving jars

The canning jars are so functional that you can make beautiful lamps and candlesticks out of it!

Use several mason jars to craft this unique chandelier

fancy lamps diy mason jars candlestick

Decorate the lampshade

fancy lamps mason jar lampshade decorate

Rustic wall light breaks through the darkness

fancy lamps diy mason jar rustic wall decor

From vases

Do you want to create an extraordinary lamp? You could easily use a vase for that. Give it a new lease of life and illuminate the room in an atypical way. Of course, such lamps also fulfill the function of beautiful accessories.

Elegant table lamp for the living room

diy lamp chic creative crafts

From other objects

Even objects that seem inappropriate for a lamp, are suitable for crafting original lamps. Such are old cans, kettles and old kitchen accessories.

Tinker functional table lamp

DIY lamp can reuse wood

What do you say about this candlestick?

fancy lamps cool candlestick kettle

Bring an industrial touch into the room

fancy lamps diy ideas wood

Exuberant hanging lamps are real eye-catchers

Fancy lamps Pendant lights Reused materials

DIY idea for a modern table lamp

fancy lamps table lamp DIY

These lamps look so impressive!

diy lamp old materials reuse vintage

Get your creativity going!

Diy lamp bottles fancy hanging lamps

So petite and beautiful ...

diy lamp hanging lamps fancy lampshades

Let your imagination run wild!

Diy lamp machine parts reused materials

Minimalist table lamp with extraordinary design

DIY lamp minimalist deco ideas

Tinker wooden lamp yourself

DIY lamp pallets reuse home decor lighting

Arrange glass bottles side by side

fancy lamps fancy candlesticks milk bottles

Make a ball lamp

DIY lamp simple lighting ideas

Idea for a special table lamp

DIY lamp table lamp design lighting ideas

Rustic floor lamp made of driftwood or twigs you can also tinker

DIY lamp branch rustic interior decoration ideas

The stylish table lamp accentuate by decorative items

diy lamp old objects reuse deco ideas

How do you make a lamp yourself?

fancy lamps mason jars creative tinkering

Rustic candlestick that could wonderfully inscribe into the kitchen

fancy lamps creative craft jars