Make Kinetic Sand by yourself: A super easy recipe

Doing kinetic sand yourself is not that difficult, quite the contrary! Also called magic sand, this is perfect as a substitute for real sand. Due to its consistency as well as the possibility to be dyed in different colors, the kinetic sand is particularly popular with children. But we adults often have fun with it, because this sand is not only funny, but also has an additional anti-stress effect and is so pleasantly kneaded and shaped by hand.

In many of the recipes that you can find on the net, you need either baby oil, shampoo, cornstarch etc. Here we have a much easier recipe for you. It's a great way to make Kinetic Sand yourself. Below you will also see a video about it.

Especially in bad weather, the kinetic sand is a perfect alternative for playing in the sandbox and your children will be busy for hours and have a lot of fun.

DIY kinetic sand in different colors

Kinetic sand itself make colorful coloring diy ideas for children

The ingredients needed for your kinetic sand:

  • fine sand from the craft shop z. B. Nanu Nana o. Ä.
  • transparent adhesive or even better white craft glue
  • Heavy duty detergent - liquid
  • Food coloring
  • Glitter powder as desired

Of course, kinetic sand undyed is also fun

make kinetic sand like snow itself

That's how it works:

In the beginning you need to make some mucus. Put some detergent and some glue in a bowl and mix well until the mucus is formed. Then knead the mucus with your hands until it becomes firmer, but still easy to work and remains slimy. Next, all you have to do is gradually pick up the sand. By constantly kneading you will soon reach the desired consistency. Now only the color and the glitter powder remain to be added. Knead vigorously again. Finished!

Although this kinetic sand is not edible and is therefore not perfect for very small children under the age of 3, it is just fabulous for the older and the "kiddies" to play or have fun with.

Color your kinetic sand to your heart's content

Colorful kinetic sand make DIY yourself

A great video with instructions:

You can keep the Kinetic Sand in a plastic or glass container. If it eventually loses its texture or gets a bit musty, dispose of it in the trash and if you feel like it, prepare a new portion of it.

We wish you a good luck and have fun with it!

Fine kinetic sand in violet

Keep kinetic sand in a plastic container

The magic sand is also perfect when playing with beach toys

children's games with kinetic sand

Also not dyed makes the Kinetic Sand a lot of fun

kinetic sand itself make children's play ideas at home

Make little, funny little men out of it!

kinetic sand ideas child play ideas

Great idea with ice shapes

Ice Molds DIY Kinetic Sand Making Ideas

kinetic sand colorful to make yourself

Children play kinetic sand themselves

real shell and snails with kinetic sand

child play with kinetic sand to make yourself

kinetic sand diy ideas childrens games

kinetic sand itself make children play

Kinetic sand itself make sandbox plastic beach toys

Kinetic sand in the casserole dish with mussels and snails

play with kinetic sand child play ideas