DIY furniture: How to build a wooden table yourself

build rustic wooden tables from pallets wooden table

So you can use pallets to build a wooden table yourself


Wooden pallets that can carry a lot of weight are becoming an increasingly popular way to build wooden tables yourself. In addition, it is getting easier to find cheap pieces of this kind.

DIY furniture: wooden tables

coffee table furniture from pallets wooden table build yourself

Do you need a wooden table for outdoor use? We like to describe the simple steps by which you can do it yourself. The results are usually so appealing that you can then integrate the piece into the interior design as well.

It is worthwhile to devote a few minutes to the topic.

How is a table made of wooden pallets built?

build rustic wooden tables from pallets wooden table yourself

Wooden coffee table with under compartments

wooden tables europaletten wood table build yourself

Original ideas in DIY style: get fresh inspiration!

build wooden tables on rolls wooden table yourself

Find the right pallets

Learn to differentiate the quality of pallets. You can find many instructions on the net. Maybe you also have someone to help you in this regard. Whatever you do, this competence is crucial. This can increase the quality of the project and make it cheaper. The thing is that good pallets can also be found for free on the street or in the stores of shops.

A wooden pallet on 4 wheels - simple and functional design

wooden table-yourself-bauenrustikele-wood tables-of-pallets

The number

To make a wooden table yourself out of pallets, you need a total of two pieces. This would be enough for 4 to 6 people.

Low-lying, mobile coffee table with no congestion space

build wooden table furniture from pallet wooden table yourself

Help to carry

Be aware that the wooden pallets are heavy. This ensures the quality of the table afterwards. But do not forget that you need help carrying it home.

Equipped with a transparent glass pane

wooden table pallets roll glass pane wood table build yourself

Grind the surface

You can not build a beautiful wooden table yourself if you do not grind the surface. Do this until you can not get a really smooth result.

This is how rustic living room tables look like with Euro pallets

furniture made of pallets wooden tables on rolls wooden table build yourself

Wooden plate with metal lower case

build furniture from pallets wooden table yourself

Paint and varnishes

Make the appropriate style choices as well. Do you want a natural look? Maybe the stability is the priority in your project and otherwise you would like to turn the wooden table into a flashy accent piece?

Depending on the case you need paint or varnish.

Paint the sturdy wooden table in a bright color

furniture made of pallets colored paint wooden table build yourself

Suitable plastic or metal wheels

As I said, a wooden table made of pallets is usually very heavy. You will certainly need wheels to move the wooden table back and forth! In everyday life, this is very important, do you agree?

Give your wooden table flexibility!

build wooden furniture from pallets on wooden table yourself

Steps of construction

We left the construction of the wooden pallet table for the end, because this is almost the easiest moment in the whole project.

Build wooden table yourself: instructions in pictures

wooden table furniture made of pallets wooden table build your own instructions

The drawers that form should also be used!

A wooden table made of pallets is not only a great surface, but also a piece of furniture with a lot of storage space. There you can store many magazines!

The advantages of DIY pallet tables

build coffee table from pallet wooden table yourself

The glass pane gives the wooden table an elegant look

build coffee table out of pallets with glass pane wood table yourself

Square wooden table built in white from a single pallet

build white coffee table from pallets wooden table yourself