Crafting in spring – atmospheric crafting templates for the home

craft ideas spring table lamp flowers

Refreshing, exhilarating touch in the interior design

Here we offer four light and curious craft ideas for your home, which will welcome spring and invite you to your apartment. Give yourself a new lamp, make your garden fresher and happier and create a spring atmosphere.

Basteln in spring - doormat made of existing materials

Handicraft in spring simple craft ideas doormat

Playful doormat in front of the front door

simple crafting ideas in spring

Cheerful crafting idea for enthusiasts

Handicraft in spring simple craft ideas colors

Pleasant, saturated colors

Crafting in spring simple craft ideas

All you need for this project is a monochrome mat, paint and small cardboard that will serve as a template.

Design a fun garden corner

Crafting in the Spring Simple crafting of boulders

Decorate boulders

Crafting spring simple crafting feather

Drawing cute insects

Handicraft spring simple crafting ideas

Love, hope, life, development, games and healing

Spring simple crafting crafting stones

Abstract pattern

Crafting in spring simple crafting patterns

Golden patterns and decorative motifs

Handicraft spring simple craft ideas nature

Cute nature creatures

Handicraft spring simple craft ideas insects

Purple fairy tale on a river stone

Spring crafts simple craft ideas abstract

Magnificent floral design

Tinker flowers Spring simple craft ideas colorful

Let your imagination run wild

Tinker Spring simple craft ideas designs

Your outdoor area may look even more colorful and cheerful if you place some colored decorative stones here and there in the flowerpots. Cockchafers, flowers or animal faces are only a small part of the possible drawings. Take a look at the pictures below and draw inspiration from it!

Make a beautiful floor lamp

Spring making simple craft ideas

Are you fed up with the old night slut? Are you looking for an interesting project? Then design a remarkable floor lamp in the shape of a tulip! Cardboard, pencil, scissors, needle and thread, fabric piece and wire are the necessary materials here. Get down to business and have fun!

Make flower arrangements yourself

craft ideas spring fresh tulips garden flowers Spring tinkering crafting turquoise

A striking door wreath shows all passers-by and your guests your pleasant spring mood and influences you all really positively! Try this idea, you will not regret it!

Home, sweet home ... ..

Handicraft in Spring Simple craft sign

Blades of grass in the flowerpot

craft ideas spring flowerpots eggs

Succulents grown in egg holders

craft ideas spring egg holder evergreen plants

Color water arouses more interest

craft ideas spring colors