Make modeling chocolate yourself – a simple recipe, many great ideas

After we have already shown you how easy it is to make edible clay, we would like to reveal to you today another trade secret. It is here with us something totally delicious and indeed: How to make modeling chocolate itself. Of course, you can also buy ready-made chocolate mass, but you do not necessarily need, because only in a few steps and with few resources you can prepare them yourself. Depending on your taste and needs, you can make white whole milk and dark chocolate modeling at home. And why not all three at once? So the cake decoration or the party buffet will be even more beautiful and inviting. The modeling chocolate is easy to work like plasticine and you can create practically anything. In addition, you can tinker different designs with Ausstech- or ice forms. In this way even children can join in and make delicious figures for Easter or Christmas.

Roses made of modeling chocolate - a true classic

modeling chocolate fullmilk roses

For the modeling chocolate you need:

  • Sugar beet syrup, glucose syrup or even honey
  • Chocolate couverture on request
  • two medium sized pots
  • Rührlöffel

And so it goes on to the modeling chocolate:

Put the pot with the pieces of couverture in a water bath.

This is how the chocolate melts slowly through the water vapor. In the same way, place the syrup in a second bowl and heat it in a water bath to make it slightly smoother. When the chocolate has completely melted, gently add the syrup. Mix it together well. This changes the consistency and the chocolate mass is a little firmer. Slowly, this becomes a kind of chocolate dough and dissolves slowly from the edge of the bowl. So you realize that you should stop mixing. Then put the whole thing in a freezer bag. Then squeeze the bag smoothly. It is best to let the mass cool at room temperature for about 10 hours. Alternatively, you can place the chocolate mass in the fridge to reduce the waiting time.

Make modeling chocolate from white couverture and sugar beet syrup itself

Make-beet syrup and white-schokokuvertüre-mix-modellierschokolade-yourself

Stir the chocolate with much love and patience

Chocolate mass modeling chocolate bittersweet with syrup

You can also store the modeling chocolate in cling film

make white modeling chocolate yourself

The modeling chocolate is already ready for use. In the beginning this is quite hard and you should knead it a bit soft. Do not worry! The modeling clay does not stick to your hands and is always easier and easier to work. From the "chocolate dough" then beautiful flowers, funny characters, cute animals and just everything that comes to mind, model.

Here is a simple guide on how to make pretty roses and a cute toy chocolate tedy bear:

You can make roses of different sizes

making chocolate roses yourself with modeling chocolate

Extra tip:

To make the chocolate roses even more beautiful, you can sprinkle them with edible glitter dust - in gold or silver - simply fabulous!

When modeling with homemade modeling chocolate, everyone can join in and even have a snack at the same time. That's why especially children will love this crafting variant. Do crafts and play together and let your creativity run free!

Have a lot of chocolate fun and a good luck!

Gorgeous chocolate roses on the cake

white and dark chocolate roses as tortendeko

Decorate cupcake with rose from modeling chocolate

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