Tinker with Kids – 16 fun, easy DIY projects and activities

The time you spend with your children is always a lot of fun and gives you great pleasure. Today we are here with some great DIY projects and DIY with children. Together you will absolutely enjoy it! Collect many existing materials and fabrics that you can use while crafting. And if you have a real craft room at home, even better! The most important thing is of course the children themselves, who beautify everything by their laughter, constant good mood and loving eyes.

Create soap bubbles

DIY with children soapblaser straws

Take some straws and tie them together to make this funny project.

Boats made of cardboard

Children's cardboard cardboard boat diy

DIY guitar - children's toys

DIY with children cardboard cardboard guitar

Cardboard folding chair for children

DIY with children cardboard cardboard folding chair

Hidden treasure

Crafts with children cardboard cardboard hidden treasure


Children carton rockets sack crafts

Kids Kitchen

Tinker with children wooden kitchen outside area

Numbered cars - parking space

DIY with children cardboard cardboard car park

3D hand

DIY with children wooden kitchen 3D effect hand

Cardboard box for children

Children carton plane crafts

robot mask

Kids robot mask DIY crafts

Children's flowers made of paper

Children paper cardboard flowers origami crafts

Crayon Holder

Children's fabric colored pencil bags holder Crafting

Colorful garden stones

Gardening with children gardening colorful elegant playful


Crafting with children's embroidery horse original

DIY snow house

Tinkering with children snow house bright