Lego Stones: interesting facts and creative DIY ideas

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About the Lego stones and the practical things in our everyday life


Do you like the Lego bricks? If your answer is positive, then you definitely want to use Lego bricks at home, right? But do you also find a good understanding of this with the other household members? Maybe you lack sufficient convincing excuses for their use?

We can help you! There are many great tricks on how to use Lego bricks as decoration in the interior.


What can you make from Lego bricks?

Interesting facts about the Lego bricks

But before we start with the practical tips, we would like to tell you something about their history and commitment. The Lego bricks accompany children in their early development since 1949.

But it is a kind of entertainment that is both fun and very educational. They teach children to deal with the pain. You wonder why? Here's the answer: Studies have shown that barefoot walking on Lego bricks is a particularly painful experience.

More than just a children's toy

Buy DIY Projects Lego Stones Individually

An important year in the history of the Lego bricks was in 2013. About 260 million pieces were produced. Out of these, some fascinating thematic projects have emerged. The most popular of these are associated with popular movie series such as Star Wars and Simpsons.

Lego stones everywhere ...

DIY projects lego bricks children's toys also for adults

key Chain

Need great key fobs for the wall next to the outside door? Why not make those from Lego bricks? You can apply different colors and do something great in a variety of combinations. Everything in your hallway would not seem so serious anymore, but rather relaxed and playful. That must be, is not it?

Original key chain

DIY projects lego stones key chain with wall

Simple ideas with practical use

diy projects lego stones keychains build yourself

Design playing cards safely

Do you like to play cards? Again, this can be a wonderful occasion to buy the popular Lego bricks at an adult age. Because of these you could make a great frame on which you position your cards during the game.

gift Box

Do you insist on the good case on the solemn occasions no less than on the gift itself? You could also make great boxes out of the Lego pieces. These are often much safer and more effective than the wrapping paper. Fragile pieces are stored there especially well.

Designer handbag made of Lego stones

DIY Projects Lego Stones Handbag Motley clutch

More great ideas

You're blocking, right? Yes, in London there are information boards made entirely of Lego pieces. It's a temporary project, but it's pretty impressive.

Street art

DIY Projects Lego Stones Street Art Art


Some people are not tired of trying new and new accessories. Are you one of them? Meanwhile, there is a great tendency to make interesting hand jewelry pieces from Lego bricks.

Necklace in all rainbow colors

DIY Projects Lego Stones Accessories Make Yourself Necklace

And matching earrings in blue

DIY Projects Lego Stones Earrings Make Yourself Blue

Funny watches for the nursery

From Lego bricks or from the figures in it you could tinker great watches for the children's room. It's going to be a project that will not get boring for children as they get older.

Wall clock for the nursery

diy projects make lego stones wall clock yourself

Organizer for the desk

You want a fun organizer for your desk? Why do not you access the Lego bricks. This can also be easily converted if it does not fit you well enough after some time.

Also in the kitchen a Lego box is usable

DIY Projects Lego Stones Creative Kitchen Utensils

Good replacement for the missing keys on your keyboard

Are certain parts missing from your PC keyboard? No problem! You can put some Lego stones in their places. This will look so funny that you might enjoy working on the PC even more.

Cottage for the animals

Yes, even the animals are allowed to have fun with the Lego bricks. From this you could make great, stable and even weather-resistant houses for them.

Many other ideas ...

As you may have noticed, there are many ways to use Lego bricks at home. Do not be afraid to fantasize and come up with great things. In the end, many of us do not have to buy new Lego sets. Instead of throwing away the old ones, we can make great DIY projects for all areas of our house.

Christmas Decor Idea - Star of Lego Stones

DIY Projects Lego Stones Christmas Decorations Build Your Own Star

Give the coffee table a new look

diy projects lego stones coffee table decorating

Handbags for fashion-conscious ladies

DIY projects lego stones handbag color combination

Which color combination do you like better?

DIY Projects Lego Stones Designer Handbag Colorful

Another original wall clock

DIY Projects Lego Stones Wall Clock Make yourself black glossy

Lego bricks thumbtack

diy-projects-lego-stones-thumbtack variegated