Flowerpots – original crafting ideas from used objects

Flowerpots from old cans

Original flowerpots from used objects

 We surprise you today with some creative DIY ideas for flower pots and plant containers from used items. Maybe you have often wondered where to go with the old bags, tin cans or car tires. A useful answer can be found here. Search again your basement or attic.

We are sure that you will make some very helpful finds that will make wonderful and very original flower pots.

The old teapot, which already looks yellowish or may have slight scratching, is perfect for plants or small flowers. With colorful spray paints you can turn any can or any tire into a beautiful plant container and an old wooden pallet can be perfectly designed as a vertical garden on the wall.

Do you recognize your handbags again?

Flowerpots from old bags

Children are really growing too fast, right?

Flower pots of colorful rubber boots

Do not throw away old suitcases or baskets. You will need them for your garden design. Look below, how exactly. Even old rubber boots and PVC bottles bring new life and become unique flower or herb pots. And if you think that stumps and beer kegs are boring, then you should use them as plant planters and convince yourself of the opposite.

Two-half of a beer barrel at the garage 

flower pots of fruity beer kegs

Original reminder of old trips and excursions

pots from suitcases

A cool sustainable solution for your plastic bottles

Flower pots from plastic bottles

Insert clothespin differently

flowerpots from laundry brace wood

Stacked car tires can also look pretty 

Flower pots of colorful painted car tires

Parsley and chive in china

flowerpots gorgeous painted tea cups

If you've cut a tree, you can bring new life back to life

Flower pots in the stump

Daisies and natural wood 

flowerpots with branches and rope

Creative herb garden in the kitchen

flower pots vertical wall garden from old wooden pallet

Vintage in style

flowerpots retro watering can made of metal

Sweet teapot on the old chair

flower pots beautiful teapot

When the watering can breaks

flowerpots old tin can

If you have not found something suitable at home, then just ask your friends or relatives for used items that they have long wanted to throw away. Even a stroll to the flea market is worthwhile when it comes to original, creative flower pots for your garden, kitchen or balcony.