66 rockabilly hairstyles – cool ideas in a retro look

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Rockabilly hairstyles are back in fashion

It's all about curling and lots of hairspray. The rockabilly hairstyles are on the rise again. They are currently very chic and popular, as in women as well as men. The distinctive retro look of these hairstyles is not the only thing that makes this style. Rockabilly is actually part of rock 'n' roll.

This music was born in the mid-1950s. At that time, white, young musicians living in the southern United States discovered and reinterpreted black music. This is how Rhythm came to be & Blues and country music this lovely musical mix. Rockabilly had its revival in the 1980s and has remained a lifestyle for many young people to this day. This not only includes the music itself, but also the vintage cars, the retro clothes and of course the rockabilly hairstyles. Lately, you can often see them in people who do not belong to this lifestyle at all. It is clear that these hairstyles are currently a fresh trend in both sexes.

How about a great madness?

rockabilly hairstyle topical trend retro look

Some of the most famous role models for rockabilly hairstyles are Dita von Teese and rockabilly icon Bettie Page. Just as Katy Perry and Gwen Stefani. Of course, Elvis Presley is the most famous example among men. In the 80s, many bands such as Duran Duran and Aha had similar hairstyles and in the not too distant past David Beckham also wore such a rockabilly hairstyle.

A cool look with pomade hairstyle

rockabilly hairstyles men modern cool look

Where vintage Rock'n'Roll meets, the most important styling element is a round pony that is worn for a short time and is known as 'Bettie Bang'. Even curls and waves, the so-called 'Victory Rolls' and of course a cool great make up this look. The hair colors that are preferred are mainly black, red and platinum blonde. Very often also cheeky color accents are set - e.g. in pink or purple. Usually women have a bandana or artificial flowers in their hair. Men, on the other hand, wear a rockabilly hairstyle quite loosely, usually uncolored and without any jewelry. You just need a lot of hair gel or pomade.

Pure style and elegance

rockabilly hairstyle elegant hair gel pomade

Although you can do some rockabilly hairstyling on your own, these creations are mostly in the hands of skilled hairdressers. Find your favorite Rockabilly hairstyle and get advice from your hairdresser if it suits you. Maybe one or the other finds a pleasant and suitable occasion to wear such a hip hairstyle. So you can also be sure that you will be the undisputed eye-catcher.

 High class and glamor

Rockabilly hairstyles women blonde hair long

Retro curls in platinum blonde

rockabilly hairstyles women trend retro pinned

Red-haired fascination in vintage look

rockabilly hairstyles pinned women redheaded

Pinned with red carnations

Rockabilly hairstyles pinned up curls redheaded

Perfection and finesse

Rockabilly hairstyles long blonde hair

 A 3-day beard as a complement to the rockabilly style

rockabilly hairstyles men hairstyles retro modern dark blond

Of course, short cuts are also possible

rockabilly hairstyles men trend retro look

Betty Page reinterpreted

Rockabilly hairstyles retro long hair

Classic Victory Rolls

Rockabilly hairstyles retro look women

Cool hairstyle trends keep coming back

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Rockabilly hairstyles blonde long hair black red hair bow

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Rockabilly Hairstyles Women Long Brown Hair Bangs Ponytail Tied Hair Retro Dress

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Rockabilly men's 50s style hairstyle short hair

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