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Top movies whose end you can not guess in advance


Unexpected events in the subject and a finale that nobody expected? Surely you have long been looking for such an exciting movie? Are you tired of looking at scenarios whose development is easy to predict? If this is the case, then we have created a wonderful list for you. Most interesting movies are listed here and in all of them the development comes to an unexpected end. If you have not seen these films yet, then you have something to do on the next few evenings.

Top Movies - The Strange Son (Changeling)

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The Stranger Son is an American film from the year 2008. A woman turns to a police officer with the news that her son has disappeared. Soon the baby is found and returned to his mother. She assures everyone that the little boy is very similar to her son, though that is not the case.

A perfect murder (A PerfectMurder)

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A successful businessman named Steven Taylor finds out that his wife has a lover. These are the unknown painter David. After researching, Steven also finds out that David works as a wedding consultant. Steven offers David money to kill his wife Emily. The plan looks perfect, but does it develop accordingly?

No dying word (original title Ne le dis à personne)

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It's about the story of Alexandre Beck, a pediatrician by profession and tells a tragic incident in his family. Margot, his wife is killed and she is recognized by her father. The criminal was found, but he does not want to admit that he is responsible for the murder of Margot. After a very long time of eight years, the investigation is resumed. In the same region where the body of Margot was found, two more were discovered. These are the remains of two men, finding a key from MargotsTresor in one's pocket.

Unknown Identity (Unknown)

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The plot revolves around Martin Harris, a well-known scientist. He is in a coma for a long time and when he wakes up, he finds out that his identity has been stolen by another human being. He can not trust anyone, not even his own wife. He asks a young lady for help. Together they try to find out who and why they want to lie to him.


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The movie Prisoners from 2013 also has an exciting storyline and ends unexpectedly. In a small town, two six-year-old girls have disappeared. Nobody heard or saw anything. Time passes and the work of the police does not bring results. The father of one of the girls takes the things in his hands. He had seen his daughter talk to the owner of a caravan some time ago. This was released by the police due to the lack of evidence. The father, however, doubts that he is innocent.

Dream House

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Will Atenton is a publisher who moves to a foreign city. The first impression that this is a quiet and relaxed place proves completely wrong. The place has its own terrible story. We tell you in advance: This is not a story with ghosts and ghosts. But it is something no less scary and very intricate.

Taking Lives - For Your Life He Kills (Taking Lives)

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It's about the epilogueIlleana Scott. In front of her is a big challenge. She has to find a criminal who first kills people and then continues their lives for a while.

Flightplan - Without any trace

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The engineer named Kyle Pratt loses her daughter during a flight. The flight crew and the other passengers try to reveal the mystery. A little child can not easily disappear thousands of feet above the earth during a flight! After a while, it also turns out that on the name of Kyle Pratt no flight ticket was booked.

The Boy in Striped Pajamas (Original Title: The Boy in theStriped Pajamas)

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The plot in this film is based on real events. These happen during World War II. The eight-year-old son of a concentration camp comrade has a strange friendship with a Jewish boy. The two talk through the protective fence. It's unbelievable where this friendship leads to.

88 minutes (88 minutes)

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Dr. Jack Gramm works as a psychiatrist in college. At the same time, the FBI is set to make profiles of psychopaths, mainly murderers. Once he helps with the arrest of a serial killer. A few hours after Jack was caught, Jack gets a frightening phone call. A stranger tells him that only 88 minutes of life remain.

Seduction of a stranger (Original title: Perfect Stranger)

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Rowena Price loses her friend after a terrible crime. She starts to do her own journalistic investigation. She finds out that Harrison Hill may be involved in the murder. He is the boss of a big advertising agency and a very influential person at the same time.

Mystic River

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Dave, Jimmy and Sean are best childhood friends. They are also facing a great tragedy: the death of Jimmy's daughter.

Remember Me - Live the moment

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Tyler is a boy with a rebellious character. He becomes involved in a fight, is arrested by the police and released after a short time. Tyler's friend finds out that the daughter of the policeman who deals with the execution of the law is in his school group. The boy tries to start romantic relationships with her in order to persuade her to influence her father in his favor.

Orphan - The orphan (Original title: Orphan)

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After her baby's death, Kate and her husband adopt a girl. Her name is Ester. The girl plays a fabulous piano, she is very intelligent and shows a wisdom that is simply not typical for her age. But why does she have no friends? In the movie you will soon find out.

Match pointmovies top movie top action movies mstch point

The next of our top movies tells the story of coach Chris Wilton. He can not decide between two women. One assures him of better positions in society, and he needs that because he comes from a humble background, and the other is a gifted actress whose heart actually beats.

The hidden face

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We continue our top film list with a spanish-columbian movie. It's about Adrián, a successful conductor and his wife Fabiane. In the life of the two everything seems to be perfect. After a while, it turns out that the police are investigating the disappearance of his ex-wife. Fabiane herself has the strange feeling that something funny is going on in the house.

Hide and Seek - You can not hide

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After the suicide of his wife, David decides to move with his daughter to another city. Strange events are beginning to appear in the new village. Emily, the daughter of David claims that her friend Charlie is to blame for everything. But it is an imaginary person.

"La vie en rose"

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The translation of this title into German is "Das Leben in rosa". It is a sensitive retelling of the life story of Edith Piaf. To live and to sing so wonderfully - that is remarkable in itself. This film is a masterpiece that fabulously portrays life in Paris at the time of the world-famous singer.

The file Jane (G.I. Jane)

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This is a film that shows us how strong the human mind can be. And it is a very strong and beautiful woman. There are many deep psychological moments that made this movie classic.

Mona Lisa's smile (Mona Lisa Smile)

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The third title in our top movie list is Mona Lisa's smile. They learn a great deal about the courage, about human dignity and about what it means to be single-minded. But that's not the most important thing in this movie. Above all, it shows how to learn to love yourself.

Million dollars baby


This film is so thrilling, above all, that it represents the reality so uncompromisingly and honestly. It shows how rough and rough life can be and that women are not spared. The director brings out the intricacies of some simple-looking everyday situations. Even the actors just present their roles perfectly!

The devil wears Prada (The Devil Wears Prada)

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Have you already watched the movie "The Devil Wears Prada"? You absolutely have to do that and especially if you are interested in the fashion world. You will learn from it how beautiful but how uncompromising and cruel this industry can be.

Times of turmoil

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If you were to read that this is a movie about a couple with two children in their mid-year crisis, you will find it boring. Nobody can take offense at that. But that is not the case here. This banal but actually all of us topic is presented in the best possible and most realistic way.

The Queen

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The film tells of a very critical period in the life of the English Queen. It's about the time that followed immediately after the death of Princess Diana. How should a monarch behave when he (in this case, she) has to hear so many rude and actually very insulting words about herself? Does the Queen prefer to show her emotions or should she be reserved? You will ask yourself these questions while watching the movie as if it relates to you.

Erin Brockovich

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This is the story of a very strong but at the same time very vulnerable woman. Given her situation, she can not afford to be weak. She is not awesome, but she shows incredible staying power. She has to win the fight against a big corporation. Whenever you feel weak, watch this movie again.

Top Movies - Frida

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This is an unforgettable woman with an incomparable pain. In the film you will learn more about the stubbornness of the human mind, about the longing that you can not resist, and about how our energy can come to an end eventually. This is the story of a brilliant painter and artist, but also of a strong love that forgives every insult and injury because she just can not help it.

Eat Pray Love

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Of course, we can not omit this title in our list of top movies. It shows how difficult, how instructive it can be to overcome depression. Take a look at the experiences of a typical modern woman in a deep life crisis in three of the most beautiful countries in the world!

Elizabeth - The Golden Kingdom (Elizabeth: The Golden Age)

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In the first part of our article we wrote about the movie "The Queen". Here is another wonderful production about the life of the English Queen. But this is hardly about the monarchy. It's about the personal story of the queen. Elisabeth is a woman who has no right to private life. She was even taken from the simplest pleasures of life. The subject is full of turmoil, tales of cheating and passion. If you're in the mood for an epic storyline then you need to watch this top movie.

Where your heart beats (Where the Heart Is)

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This is certainly one of the most remarkable love films you have ever seen. In the beginning, the story looks as banal as thousands of those that have existed since the creation of the earth. A boy leaves his girlfriend because she is pregnant. She thought he was the love of her life. But life is not as bad as it sometimes looks. You simply can not afford to give up everything, to go into depression forever and turn away from the world. You have to go forward, forgetting your failures, helping others and enjoying your life. How this all works, you will learn in this film.

Johanna of Orleans (Original title The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc)

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Long historical films like this can quickly get boring. But that does not apply to this wonderful production. This is about faith that can not be broken through. There is also talk of trust and justice. All this is not least due to the wonderful game of Mila Jovovic, who was entrusted here the main role of Joan of Arc.

Head in the Clouds (Alternative title: Women's Games)

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The title of this film is anything but random. He describes the state of mind of the main characters. Her emotional state and attitude completely take her away from reality. And they tear one with you. The quest to forget reality unfortunately creates a pessimistic mood and a lot of tragedy. It is all the more important to watch this movie. Because he explores how the bad feelings can conquer the human heart.

Elegy or The art of love (Original title: Elegy)

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Some films manage to really shake the audience. That's one of these. It's about the story of a professor in college and a student. He reminds us that there are some people in this life who naturally belong to us. The film shows this deep emotional connection and explores what moves them in our souls.

The fabulous world of Amélie (Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain)

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Amélie is a young French woman, but she has extraordinary imagination. She discovers a collection of toys in her bathroom and is obsessed with the idea to return them to her real owners. This act of politeness puts you in the most incredible adventure. She begins to interfere in other people's lives in an inappropriate, but very amusing way.

My Week with Marilyn

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It is always a challenge to portray Marilyn Monroe. It's unbelievable how well that works in this movie. Both self-esteem and vanity are wonderful. But you also manage to look behind the scenes. There you will discover a young girl who wants to fight the whole world. After this movie, you will probably believe for yourself that it is worthwhile to reach for the stars.


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This is the film adaptation of a musical. It is the story of Maria Eva Duarte de Perón (Evita). The so popular first lady of Argentina is represented by Madonna. She manages to present her good and dark sides in a very authentic way. And of course, the music itself, is a reason for watching the movie.

For this one must not forget to thank Frank Lloyd Webber for his wonderful contribution.

Gia - Award of Beauty

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After watching this movie, you will surely consider the person Gia as the symbol of beauty price. You will hear the hard truth about the fashion industry. Unfortunately, this is not just about fashion shoots, exciting trips and public events. Behind this beautiful-looking life, there is a dynamic of its own that by far not everyone can stand.

Coco Chanel - The beginning of a passion (Coco avant Chanel, dt. Coco before Chanel)

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The last title in our list of top movies is a must for all strong women. He shows a gifted lady who is not afraid of dealing with the world. Some critics say the plot is too monotonous. But we think that's what makes her closer to reality and makes the movie even more valuable.