Good Watch Brands – Top 15 Best Watches

Good watch brands - arrangement according to price range

Are you a fan of modern digital watches? Do you want to know which are the best brands for their production? Would you like to know which ones are considered the most expensive among the most expensive and which are the cheapest in the luxury price range? Here we have created such a list for you! Hopefully the ideas and tips in this will help you for your good choice.

We start with the cheaper models and go over to the most expensive ones.


At Timex, it was more about effectiveness than the appealing visual appearance. The first bracelet models appeared in 1980 and the manufacturers of the brand have never looked back. They have repeatedly improved their reputation, and indeed they have made it through the strong clock series. The most famous among these are Ironman, Expedition and Intelligent Quartz.

TIMEX has very expensive models, but some very good ones are reasonably priced.

You can find a Timex wristwatch starting at $ 25

Timex wrist watches cheap good watch brands


Are you looking for a high-quality watch that is both sustainable and reliable? Then you can safely trust this Japanese watch brand. It literally offers hundreds of different styles. There are sporty, business and very elegant models.

SEIKO - style and quality from Japan

Seiko wrist watches good watch brands Herrenarmbandihr


Third in our list of good watch brands is INVICTA. This brand presents itself with many different models of watches. Some reach really high prices and many buyers shy away from it. However, given the innovative technology and the luxury details that they include, you get a very good price-performance ratio.

Quality at the best price

Invicta wrist watches leather strap brown good watch brands


ORIENT WATCH COMPANY is a subsidiary of Seiko, yet it does not enjoy the popularity of the big company. However, all true fans of good watch brands know this name. This brand also shows many different models and styles. ORIENT WATCH COMPANY offers many dress watches, as well as great models for professional divers, but also much more. These are watches for intensive use. Probably the most expensive model is Pro Saturation Diver.

ORIENT WATCH COMPANY - a subsidiary of Seiko

Orient wristwatches mens good watch brands


SKAGEN is a watch manufacturer for those who like Danish minimalism. SKAGEN watches are a great choice if you are looking for something in the upper price range for the first time. You can even stay with the better models within the limit of $ 200.

The SKAGEN watches are distinguished from the competition by their clean dial design, the matte gray color and the use of comfortable mesh bracelets. Two particularly noteworthy models are Ancher Titanium and Holst Steel Mesh Multifunction.

SKAGEN - minimalism and style from Denmark 

Skagen wrist watches ladies white good watch brands


FOSSIL has been on the market for generations. It's amazing how the brand has managed to stay modern and up-to-date in all these years. The fire generally has a more sporty character. Such trains even have the watches that have a dress style.

FOSSIL - successful on the market for decades

Fossil watches good watch brands mens


The CITIZEN watches are reliable, have a very appealing design and are very innovative. Some new models have a solar powered power plant and require virtually no battery replacement.

CITIZEN - innovative wristwatches

Citizen watches good watch brands


HAMILTON was an American brand before it was bought by Swiss Swatch Group. But by no means has the brand lost its American aesthetic. They combine this with Swiss quality and make the purchase of such a watch despite the high price quite worthwhile!

HAMILTON - American watches with Swiss quality

Hamilton wrist watches luxury watches good watch brands


If you are looking for a symbol of the Swiss design, then the ORIS watches are just right for you! They may not be the most original, but they have a very good quality. ORIS watches are therefore very revered among the people who really understand something of good watches.

Because of this, all series find numerous customers, even though they have a pretty high price.

The watch brand ORIS stands for high quality

Oris watches good watch brands mens


The history of this watch brand dates back to 1903. That's the kind of fire NASA works with officially. They were used during the Olympic Games in 1932 and are present in all James Bond films since Golden Eye (1995). Such a great story, right? That's probably why the vintage models are so popular these days.

OMEGA wristwatches with over a hundred years of history

Source: omega watches

Omega watches good watch brands


This good watch brand owes its fame to two very famous personalities. These are New Year's Eve Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenger. The fire was not randomly selected by them. The well-known actors could well recognize themselves in the rough, classic and very masculine appearance of these watches.

PANERAI - watches for strong men

Panerai wristwatches Men's luxury watches


Rolex is probably the most famous watch brand in the world. These watches are highly appreciated and that will not change soon. The brand has a long history and the vintage models are currently some of the most sought after.

ROLEX - the king of watch brands

Rolex watches gold good watch brands


If you are looking for a truly representative status symbol, IWC watches are a great choice. They are certainly recognized for their good taste and style. You will also follow one of the oldest traditions of watch making worldwide. The history of IWC began in the 19th century, exactly in 1868. You know the stunning model Portuguese from last year, right?

IWC watches - a truly representative status symbol

IWC wrist watches good watch brands luxury watches


Here is also a German contribution to the list of the most selling good watch brands. A. Lange & Söhne Uhrenproduktion is characterized by very good quality of materials and a minimalist aesthetic. The history of the brand goes back to the year 1845. The father of the brand is the watchmaker Ferdinand Adolph Lange, who worked in the small town Glashütte near Dresden. The Lange family has also made watches for German pilots during World War II. The successors of this watchmaking family still ensure that the brand is among the leaders in the market.

A.LANGE & SONNE - high quality watches since 1845

A.Lange and Sons Wrist Watches good watch brands


We wish all of you that one day you will be so successful to wear a Patek Philippe watch. It is an ultra-luxurious brand. These are actually the most expensive models ever offered on the market.

Behind it stand unique technology and precisely made parts and excellent design

Patek Philippe watches good watch brands leather strap

A high-class watch may or may not cost a lot. They have something good in all price levels. It is important that the selected watch fits well with your personality and your style. That makes the choice of a cheaper model that fits your outfit, succeeded!

We wish you a correct choice with this rich watch offer!