Men’s fashion of the 60s – immaculate elegance in bold colors

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Men's fashion of the 60s - pursuit of minimalism


Elegance, simplicity or severity - these are the hallmarks of men's fashion from the 60s. The jacket of the suit shows straight and very attractive shape. From today's point of view, they would call athletic. The jacket and trousers in the suits could be different as soon as they harmonize in texture and pattern.

Silk and velvet were especially popular in menswear at the time.

The Beatles present the new smart menswear of the 6oer years

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Pierre Cardin and men's fashion of the 60s

In 1959, Pierre Cardin showed a new collection. He has thus enforced in the men's fashion of the 60s, the so-called New Edwardian style. You had very tight jackets with a round neckline on the neck. This was worn with a pullover with a high collar and a very elegant tie. In retrospect, this became the popular fashion style of the people who love the subculture.

The fashion designer of the 60s Pierre Cardin

men's fashion 60s Pierre Cardin fashion designer

Measuredness and attention to the details. More is less. These were the designers who defined the men's fashion lines of the 60s. This line was a kind of rebel act against the family, which was very good. A lot of money has been spent at that time to follow the latest craze in Italian fashion. This covered both the line of clothing, as well as the hairstyles to the scooters that you absolutely want to have.

Classic men's suit in brown from the 60s

Men's Fashion 60's Pierre Cardin Men's Suit

Daring and innovative - that's the fashion of Pierre Cardin

men's fashion 60s Pierre Cardin men's fashion

The consequences of war

Certainly one can say that the freedom experienced in 60's in both women's and men's fashion is a consequence of the difficult 20 years after the First World War. This development was particularly interesting in the socialist bloc. There they have often interpreted this as a resistance and the youth was punished because of their preferences in this direction.

Wild and colorful in the post-war years

Men's fashion 60s fashion revolution trends

The bright colors

The fashion of the 60's has again given back the bright colors of society. Especially with the strong sex, this has been taken as a big news.

Bright colors in action - colored knitwear for men

Men's fashion 60s colors in men's fashion

The flat cap in white

For the 60's menswear, the white color was pretty typical. But especially striking was the flat cap in this shade. These clothes were actually quite expensive in the 60s. Especially the accessory just described was far from something anyone could afford.

The role of the headwear

Men's fashion 60s trends white cap

Classic male hat

men's fashion 60s men's fashion hat

Synthetic fabrics

Today we always have the opportunity to choose between natural and artificial textures. But that was not always self-evident. In the men's fashion of the 60s, it was a new launch.

Artificial substances come into play

men's fashion 60s men suit men outfits

 Waterproof plastics 

men's fashion 60s men suit coat men outfits

The fabric Bologna

The artificial fabric Bologna becomes a hallmark of the 60s. This applies to both women's and men's fashion. The material was named after the Italian city, because it was there invented first. He was particularly practical because he is waterproof and very practical to carry in the rain. At some point, this type of clothing was so popular that it was worn to any weather. It became a sign of youth fashion in this period.

Hip fabrics, colors and patterns

Men's fashion 60's men's fashion trends men's suit

To this day, some retro lines refer to the menswear of the 60s. That's not surprising, we find! Because she is super elegant. Do you agree?

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The man of the 60s

men's fashion 60s men's fashion trends

A typical men's suit for this period

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