Nail design patterns – how to make fingernail designs by yourself

nail design pattern frog

Make nail design with colored patterns yourself

You can also do the perfect nail design with patterns yourself. All you have to do is take enough time to believe in your own artistic skills. Here are the easy steps to follow.

Important tips for nail design patterns

In order for everything to work out well, you would have to make the appropriate preparations.

This includes, among other things, that you get all the necessary materials for applying the nail design pattern to yourself and keep ready. Get any kind of decorative pieces that you would also use for DIY jewelry. You also need the right basics, as well as the full set of homemade nail designs. Often you have to do one or the other element again.

Keep everything ready so that you can organize this quickly

fingernails design pink white

It is also important that you plan enough time. Because you have to be able to sit quietly and concentrate on it. Set the phone to silent or to function with headphones. So you will not risk that you go with the freshly painted fingernails and break them in an important call.

You have done all this and everything is as ready as described above? Then you could start applying the base coat.

The process of creating the nail design pattern

First apply the undercoat. You should not miss this one. The undercoat preserves the health of your nails, it will ensure that they do not turn yellow, but stay healthy. Then you can apply the nail polish in the correct color.

See that they are a stark contrast to the decorative elements of nail design patterns

fingernails design anchor

Now it is important to get the right moment for applying. The nail polish must not be too liquid, but not too dry. You can have your own nail design patterns, but there are also many who are done. Depending on how clever you are and how much pleasure you have on yourself, you could opt for one or the other variant.

Then in the end you would definitely have to add a surface finish.

The second layer of nail polish will protect the resulting artwork for a long time

nail design pattern abstract shapes

Nail polish on different occasions

Many people can not really enjoy the different festive occasions. The time in which they have to come from one to the other mood, is far too short. In this context, the little funny decorations could make sense. For example, in the last few days before Christmas, they can remind you that the holy feast is coming soon.

You also have a fairly large selection in the context of this topic. Christmas has many different nuances and faces. They give you a lot of freedom of action.

Snowflakes nail design pattern in white and old rose

nail design pattern snowflake

Nail art design with Christmas tree motifs

nail design pattern christmas motives

The American flag with a difference

fingernails design american flag

French design with glittering flower

nail design pattern french flower

Sweet owls and cappuccino 

fingernails design pattern owls

Filigree elegance in cobalt blue and gold

nail design pattern dark blue gold

Delicious cupcakes in pink, pink and purple

fingernails design pattern cupcakes

Gel nails design with hearts and chevron

nail design pattern chevron hearts

Classic pattern in black and gold

nail design pattern chevron

Blue and purple - beautiful flower pattern

fingernails design flowers

Mixed patterns are trendy

Nail art pattern mixed

Geometric fingernails design

nail design pattern geometric

Animal themes are especially popular

fingernails design giraffe

Glittering stones are highly recommended for many nail designs

nail design pattern glitter stones

Every finger looks very special

nail design pattern glittering stones dots

Luxurious leopard nails

fingernails design leopard

A perfection in white and cobalt blue

nail design pattern cobalt blue white

Heart is one of the most popular designs for fingernails design

nail design pattern heart glitter

If you like a combination of pink and pink

nail design pattern heart

Hello Kitty in red, yellow and white

fingernails design hello kitty

Geometrically chic in celadon green, turquoise and gold

nail design pattern golden accents

A new trend in fingernails design - Matt and Gold

nail design pattern golden

Festive nails with fairy lights

fingernails design fairy lights

Suitable for the World Cup

nail design pattern national flags

Delicate and filigree - a black net on white and pink

nail design pattern mesh

A great holiday feeling

fingernails design palm tree

Peacock feather, gold and turquoise - fabulous, right?

nail design pattern peacock feather

Discreet in pink and gray

nail design pattern pink gray

Pink and white floral pattern

fingernails design pink white flowers

It's already Christmas ...

nail design pattern snowmen

Beautiful snow crystals and little snowmen

nail design pattern snowman

Unpretentious with butterflies

nail design pattern butterflies

Festive with bows and rhinestones

Fingernails design grind

Tendril and floral pattern in pink and black

nail design pattern of rose flowers

Gel nails with reindeer and snowflakes

nail design pattern reindeer

Lace Motifs on transparent background

fingernails design lace

Glitter and glamor in different shades

nail design pattern stripes glittering

Very elegant - geometric in celadon green and white with silver stripes

nail design pattern turquoise silver

Tasty watermelon pieces

fingernails design watermelon

Christmas in glittering green and red

nail design pattern christmassy

Christmas motifs lovingly painted

nail design pattern santa claus

White and gold - simple and classic

nail design pattern white gold