Who likes the trendy page cut really well?

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Page cut - when and who suits him well

Are you looking for a suitable short hairstyle and consider the page cut? Then you certainly want to know something more. Who does he fit in, is the page cut fashionable, does this make a suitable selection for the occasions that will often happen in your life in the next few periods?

All these are absolutely legitimate questions. Our article is here to provide simple and clear answers.

Pageboy hairstyles

pagenschnitt pagenkopf short hair bob hairstyles behind the head

What does the page cut represent?

First of all, let's visualize what the page cut is about. It is a haircut of short or medium length. Under the ears the hairstyles are enough for the shortest variations. Very often one combines the pagenschnitt also with pony. This is by no means compulsory.

Page cut with pony

pagenschnitt mi pony pagenkopf hairstyle short hair

Fitting, if you want to look a bit retro

Basically, we are dealing with a style that developed and became popular in the 50s and 60s. Pageboys, the English pages of history, and more specifically the romantic idea of ​​these, served as inspiration. Many well-known showgirls immediately discovered this style for themselves and have accordingly made it very popular.

In the 60s look

pagenschnitt pagenkopf hairstyle with pony 60s look

Historically, the page cut usually reached up to the shoulders. But over time it became more timely to keep it shorter and shorter. You can also reach an even gentler and more romantic look through waves and volume.

The retro style is still fashionable today

pagenschnitt pagenkopf hairstyle with pony retro look

Wonderful if you want to emphasize the face

If you want to emphasize fine facial features, then the page cutting is clearly a great option dar. So it is unnecessary in everyday life, too much eye-catching make-up. If you have not made any changes for a long time and do not want to take any big risks at the same time, the page cut is a very good choice. By the way, there are also very good variants for men.

Kurzhaarfrisuren - Pagenkopf hairstyle

pagenschnitt pagenkopf hairstyle haircut trends

The most appropriate faces

There is hardly a face to which the page cut would not fit well. After all, there are some who seem to be destined for this hairstyle. These are those that show an oval or heart shape. The page cut is basically also a very good solution for people who have thin straight hair.

Matching face shape - oval or heart shape

pagenschnitt pagenkopf hairstyle short haircut trends

 The page cut hairstyle on the back of the head

pagenschnitt pagenkopf bob hairstyles back of the head

What (usually) does not work

In combination with gradations or dilutions, the page cut usually does not look good. Also, this hairstyle should avoid people with naturally curly hair. But of course there are exceptions. Some good stylists are able to perform miracles. All others, however, should be able to handle the wave-making well. So that the page cut hairstyle looks good, you should just wrap the ends inside.

Romantic waves

page cut with curls pageboy hairstyle short hair

Page cut on peach-shaped and long faces

Let us now discuss a special case. The rectangular and horizontal aspects of the page cut emphasize the characteristics of the peach-shaped and long faces even more strikingly. On the other hand, they can make them appear a bit wider. Page cut can also be very good in these cases. You have to play with your stylist to get the best haircut.

The classic haircut by Anna Wintour is also a page cut

 pagenschnitt mit pony pagenkopf hairstyle anna wintour

Be inspired by the Vogue editor

kurzhaafrisuren wig with pony pagenkopf hairstyle anna wintour

 Celebrities with pageboy hairstyle - Michelle Williams

shorthair hairstyles with bangs sideways pagenkopf hairstyle Michelle Williams

With side pony

short hairstyles with bangs sideways pagenkopf hairstyle short hair

A beautiful Asian woman with pageboy hairstyle

hairstyles with pony page head hairstyle short hair trends

Modern short haircut

shorthair hairstyle with bangs sideways pagenkopf hairstyle

A slightly bizarre variant

     shorthair hairstyle page hairstyle haircut trends short hair

Impeccable look - just like a wig

    shorthair hairstyle hairstyle with pony short hair