Monkey as a pet – a new exotic fashion!

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Monkey as a Pet - Get a non-traditional pet!

Loving, beautiful, lovely. All these are properties that the monkeys have. Especially the little ones who bring more and more home to their home. Also, you can imagine no better animal when it comes to the fact that the children like to play with it.

A little adventurer

monkeys as pet exotic pets lifestyle

A curious monkey

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A big challenge

But before you sign up for monkey as domestic animal You would need to be aware of how many major challenges are involved. Because they come closest to the people. The care is almost as expensive. In all cases, this adventure would require good research in advance.

The monkey can turn into your best friend

monkeys as a pet exotic pets monkey

Spend funny hours with the little monkey

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Almost like a child

Yes, you can not warn them enough. Having a monkey at home is almost as costly as choosing a child. These animals need your daily attention, even if possible throughout the day. Once the monkey trusts you, he will want to follow you everywhere. If you leave him alone for a long time, he quickly becomes bored, depressed and aggressive. This condition can take a long time. Monkeys live for between 20 and 40 years.

As a real little baby

monkey as a pet orangutan baby

You should take care of the little monkey every day

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Facts that can not be denied

No matter how well you look after a monkey, some facts can not be denied. You have to look them in the face and not be guided by the romantic ideas. Because at some point you will get in this way in a one-way street. For example, monkeys can become aggressive quickly. We said that they resemble man. Once you are sexually mature, what happens between the ages of 3 and 4, they are no longer predictable. The animal can attack them and start biting ... Teenagers! Leisure is never as it once was. Yes, either you or someone in the family needs to take care of the monkey. You have something like a child at home forever. Also, you may sometimes need to hire a special nursing assistant. So it can also be expensive on the bottom line.

This little sympathetic monkey deals with the glasses lying on the floor

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the camera represents an interest for the little monkey

Monkey as a pet camera outdoors

A cute baby

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Small children need to be kept away from the monkey

If you have children or want to have them with you, then you have a problem. Because the monkey, whether pet or not, can handle these only very badly.

The legal side

You must be aware that the illegal trade in monkeys is quite common. You have to find a businessman with a perfect image. Because if monkeys were not properly bred or caught from the wild, they could also be quite dangerous.

Monkeys are sympathetic pets

monkey as pet have little baby

A really tiny monkey

monkeys as pet tiny monkey pets

Do you have a veterinarian nearby who is well versed?

They can not do without such a veterinarian. So you need to check if there is a specialist who can advise you and stand by you in difficult cases. How is it with you?

In the eyes of the monkey you can see real feelings

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Socialization and nutrition - a science

The nutrition and socialization, or education of the apes is almost as complex as in humans. So you have to have a real passion for it. Because it is practically a life task!

Feeding the monkeys properly

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You take care of the little monkey as a baby

Monkeys as pets have lifestyle trends