Men’s fashion in the 70s – what was going on then?

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70's fashion for men - that's what looked really cool at the time!


In many other aspects of life, it may be that the 70s were a bit boring. But certainly this does not affect the style and the clothes.

The wild 70s

Fashion 70's Men's Men's Fashion The Wild 70s

The opinion of the crowd is leading the way for the 70's fashion for men

It can be said that this was the turning point at which one started to be guided by the opinion of the masses in the first place. At that time, the street fashion was born so to speak. One observes a greater differentiation between the social groups of the same classes. Clothes played a leading role and the fashion of the 70's for men was no exception.

The men's fashion in the 70s

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Street style and sports fashion

In the 70s men's and women's fashion, you can see that the high-end trends created by top designers no longer play such a big role. The mass did not dictate anything in this respect, but on the contrary - started to decide for itself what it would attract or not.

New trends - casual and casual

Fashion 70s men's men's fashion sakko

Furthermore, the emphasis was on expressing personal qualities rather than showing lower or higher social status. Who at that time felt the best of these tendencies? That seems to be the fire Benetton. At that time he became a leader in the fashion and sports industry.

Love! No more war

This motto was particularly noticeable in the men's fashion of the 70's. For the ladies were the bright nuances and the tight, the body emphasizing forms previously known. But also that the representatives of the strong sex dress in this crazy way? This is an achievement of the 70s fashion for men. Clearly.

John Lennon

Fashion 70s Men's Men's Fashion John Lennon Peace

If you want to understand exactly what we mean, take a look at the music scene. See how the men's fashion at Abba and the well-known music groups in the decades before these look!

Smart women's and men's fashion

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Fabrics with floral pattern

Fashion 70's men's men's casual couple

Music is the fashion

We have just mentioned a particularly important aspect. The 70's fashion for men and women was determined by the well-known musicians and actors. They were clearly the fashion icons of that time. John Travolta and "Sunday Night Fever" are the name and term that continues to be very distinctive for the evolution of fashion at the time.

Poster of "Sunday Night Fever"

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The street culture

Fashion 70's Men's Men's fashion men's suits street fashion

The retrospective of the 70s and the Echo 2015

Both the men's 70's fashion and all their aspects seem to have inspired many current designers for their collections. At a strong sex this tendency has been observed for several years. This went so far that you even picked up on the 70's at the wedding trends.

The role of music

Fashion 70s men's men's fashion sears soul

In 2015, designers will be looking at men's 70s fashion with muted nuances of brown, green, blue and red. In the summer, ladies and gentlemen can all afford super cool and fun-loving nuances thanks to this trend.

Check pattern fabrics in bold colors 

Fashion 70s men's casual fashion

Casual men's pants

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Geometric patterns and bright colors

     Fashion 70's men men's fashion men's hemde accessories

Not only contemporary but also futuristic

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