Fox as a pet? Does the fox count among the fancy pets?

Fox as a pet is the possible fancy pets

Fox as a pet: So what!


If you think of a fox as a pet, then this just does not have to be in the figurative sense of the word. So we do not mean a picture or a souvenir.

You know that the foxes are kind of dogs, right? That’s why they also have a similar character and can prove to be a good pet.

Fancy Pets – Fox

Fox as a wild fox's pet in the snow

 Can you tame foxes?

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An expensive affair that must be approached with care

Not every fox is allowed as a pet. You have to be very careful so you do not become the victim of a scam or an illegal tobacconist. Inform yourself best about the devices that prevail.

Foxes are wild animals

Fancy pets fox as a pet baby fox and mother

Not unimportant are the expenses associated with the purchase of such an animal. If you decide to take care of it at home, you would need to be hired for even more.

Cute fox puppy

Fuchs pets can be had as a pet fox

Care for the fox

In nature, the fox lives for seven years. As a pet, he can reach up to 25 years. That’s great, right? That’s how you feel like a good person. You would have to have a yard that you could surround with a fence. Also, there should be a special house that is very well isolated. Thus, the animal can be protected both from the cold, as well as from the heat.

In Germany, foxes are not sold as pets

You can have fox as a pet


Although we have said that the fox can be a pet related to the dog. But no one can deny that his face looks like the fox a bit like a cat. This does not exhaust the similarities. Because he likes to use a cat toilet. He gets used to it, because this is an animal that loves cleanliness very much.

Zao Fox Village is a village in Japan where foxes roam free on the street

Fancy pets fox as a pet

However, the latter can only be successfully taught to the animal if it is brought up from a young age. There are also a number of other habits that the fox would have to acquire to make sure everything works well in adulthood. So the combing. From a certain age he will not allow this anymore. He also has to be treated against parasites because the fox is very susceptible to them.

The Japanese village of foxes

fox pets fox village japan


The dressage is unexpectedly easy with the fox. He can easily follow different commands as well as easily stay on a leash. Even more important than the dogs in this case are the rewards with different treats.

After a well-done workout period, you can let your fox out and you will not have any problems with it.

Sweet fox puppy in the wild

Fancy pets fox as a pet baby fox


The fox is a pet that needs a lot of variety in the food. This does not just include meat, though he certainly likes it. He likes to eat different animals. But he prefers the small rodents, especially mice.

Foxes are predators

Fancy pets fox as pet wild animals

For the fox, it is difficult even in the wild to catch hares. That’s why the foxes are not really addicted to this kind of meat. They like to eat larger game animals, such as deer.

Fox on the hunt

Fancy pets fox as a pet in the garden

Even the eggs of many birds like to eat them. The menu also fits fish, insects and worms.

As the animal grows, it would be best to drink adapted milk for dogs. Also meat and offal of good quality would be very suitable. If these are precooked, they would suppress the hunting instincts of your pet.

Funny pictures: Fox as a photographer

Fancy pets fox as pet funny pictures

Falling asleep in the grass

Fancy pets fox as a pet sleeping in the garden

Foxes live in the forest   

Fancy pets fox as pet fox in nature

Wild fox in the snow

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