Loose updo – 7 simple instructions and practical tips

A casual updo looks not only casual style and in good weather super chic, but also on official occasions and even in uncomfortable grubby weather. Even in winter it does not matter to a hairstyle to keep its cool under the hood or the thick cap. In addition, the fact: to make such a hairstyle yourself, is quite simple and, above all, quite fast.

It is not for nothing that celebrities at ceremonial events wear their hair more and more frequently and in an undone look. But the hairstyles are very extravagant and voluminous. With the right jewelry and matching dress really every loose updo looks very classy and completes the whole star appearance in a luxurious way.

Loose updo in many variations

Whether a Messy Dutt, a cheeky hair bun or a twisted hair snail in a disheveled look - everything is allowed and there are no limits to creativity. The classic updos have always been popular with almost everyone and are especially preferred on festive occasions. These are replaced more and more by the newer, casual plug-up variants and not only recommended by professionals, but above all, are also very practical for DIY. On the Internet, you'll find a plethora of pictures and instructions on how to make a great updo in Messy look in just a few minutes.

Many stars prefer updos in a casual style


Here we have collected some of the best of them and want to give you practical help. Take a look at everything and be inspired by it. You'll be surprised how easy and enjoyable a casual updo is. All you need is a comb, a hair brush, hair ties, hair spray and hair clips to fix the strands of hair.

A bit of hand skills and a reasonable dose of pleasure are of course also added.

With Ombre Blond an updo looks even more meaningful


Common techniques for casual updos

Very often, such updos are made with the help of braids. One or more braids are braided and tied with hair ties and braces in a loose bun. If the hair is still dyed in Ombre Blonde, the whole thing looks more effective of course. As kissed by the sun, highlight the blond highlights and the hairstyle is immediately the undisputed eye-catcher.

So you look like a real star soon

celebrity-cum-loose-updo hairstyles

The Toupier technique is particularly popular in the design of updos in Messy look and that's no coincidence. This makes the hair more expressive and gives the wearer more refined femininity and natural attraction. Tossing the hair is easy, and only with a conventional comb or with a hairbrush and a few strong hand movements. Thereafter, the upper strands of hair are usually lightly smoothed and fixed with hair spray. Finished! Now all that remains is to form the actual bun or hair bun and admire your own hairstyle in the mirror.

If the hairstyle is beautiful, you also feel a lot more relaxed and relaxed

blonde-hair-updo-do it yourself-

Brides love it trendy and easy

Especially fitting is a loose updo for the wedding in boho or vintage style. It corresponds with the characteristic romantic or somewhat nostalgic mood of the atmosphere and thus ensures even more authenticity and uniqueness in the bridal outfit.

So nothing stands in the way of your most important day in life

bridal hair-blond-hair-loose-updo

# 1 instructions - the small, loose bun


# 2 instructions - the elegant updo with two pigtails


# 3 instructions - the imaginative hairstyle in everyday life

updo-yourself-making instructions Lax-dutt

# 4 instructions - the chic bun with a single braid

loose-updo-yourself-making instructions Long-hair

# 5 Instructions - The Side Messy Hairstyle

make loose-dutt-yourself-

# 6 instructions - the romantic bun with braids from the front

plait-updo-do it yourself-

Bad weather? No problem, because below is the video about the perfect Messy Dutt in such cases:

# 7 Instructions - the ultimate Undone look

And a little inspiration for your perfect casual updo:

bridal hair-pinned up-to-haarschmuck-flower

loose-updo-wedding-bridal hairstyle

loose-updo-yourself-making bronde-hair

loose-blond-making itself-dutt-ombre-

loose-plug hairstyles-yourself-make-dutt-of-pigtails

loose-hosch hair-with-plait-ombre-blond

easy-hairstyles-dutt-long-hair-ombre-blond  vintage-wedding-bridal hairstyles-updo hairstyles

pinned-yourself-make-plait hairstyle-