Blondes – 33 ideas for the upcoming warm season

Choose the matching blondes

Almost every modern woman had wondered: how is it to be a blonde? Some, however, are afraid of experimenting with their hair color or just letting their own character come into their own. But you should not worry too much about it. With today's ombre techniques, the boundaries between blond and brown are blurred. Would you like some ideas that will be effective in the coming months?

Blondes - Blond has so many variations!

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Blondes - Do you want a youthful hairstyle? Then why not dye your hair in blonde?

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Choose the most suitable for yourself from all blondes

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sand Blonde

From the color of the sand on the beach, this blond tone is inspired. Sandblond fits both lighter and darker complexion.

Treat yourself to a charming hairstyle in Sandblond

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Prepare for the summer with a fresh haircut in Sandblond

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Flax blond with different high lights

Choose healthy-looking flax blond with various high-lights. They also look quite noble.

Being blonde gives you a special self-confidence

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Make for an attractive look

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California blonde

Or opt for the playful ones blondes, that look like being touched by the California sun. California Blond looks very attractive and gives the impression that you are a person who knows how to enjoy life.

Bright pastel shades with subtle green accents

In this technique, dark and light golden blonde tones appear in variety. They are additionally enriched with some discreet green accents. This is an incredibly effective and modern variant.

Waves in honey blondes

Here we are on the border between blond and brown. Because there can be quite dark highlights. A transition from dark to light from bottom to top fits all skin types.

Radiating self-confidence

blond tones blone hair honey

The honey blondes are gentle

blond tones honey blond hair women's hairstyles

caramel Blonde

Caramel Blonde is the sweetest and warmest reddish-brown blondie that only exists. This hair color will emphasize your facial features in a delicate and natural way. You achieve a complete and unique look.

Maybe you like caramel blond?

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Gold blond with red nude

Do you want a fluttering and finished looking look? Then you should appear for this variant. Choose gold blonde and create high lights with red accents. In the summer you will evoke the association of the sun with a longing for the beach and the summer.

Red accents give an additional charm

blond tones women's hairstyles lifestyle trends


Light brown hair

With Beige - Blond you can look more like a brunette than a blonde. This is a wonderful idea for women who want to soften their look but still want to stay close to their natural look.

Hair in light brown

Hairstyles Blonde Hair Trends Lifestyle

Brown turning into blonde

blond tones long hair smooth brown blond

Creamy blonde

Creamy blonde has so many different nuances that every woman prefers it. They thus achieve a gentle appearance. Once you have the creamy-blonde look, you can choose many different ones blondes combine together and you will still appear beautiful and natural.

The creamy blonde is a beautiful blond shade that gives you a soft radiance

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Light chocolate in combination with vanilla blond

That sounds like a good idea for clothes. But it looks very nice in the hair too. They achieve a feminine and incredibly seductive look.

Bright chocolate gives you femininity

blondes chocolate blonde highlights

The brightest blonde

Why do not you just take the brightest blond available? You bring yourself and your friends clearly into a good summer mood!

Pick the brightest blonde

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Light blond and waves - a beautiful youthful combination

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Dyed in different blond shades, you look very different

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Light blond hair arouse interest

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Delicate honey blondes

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