15 cool theme party ideas for even more good mood

Theme party ideas for children and adults

There is no need to wait for the fifth season to dress up and really hit the wall. You can do that every now and then at a theme party. Such parties are much funnier and more exciting than the conventional ones, because they create a very special atmosphere and very often also a kind of “parallel world”. Everyone can live in a different role and forget all the worries and problems of everyday life for at least a few hours. And the roles are really numerous. Here we have collected 15 theme parties ideas that are some of the most popular among children and adults. Each one of them can be implemented in different ways and you can always improvise while having fun.

Every motto has its charm. For example, some of the greatest parties are those associated with a particular age. So the so-called “Great Gatsby” parties are simply the classic. The “Golden Twenties” fascinate to this day with their pomp and exuberance. The cheeky flapper look is very often worn by the women on such a theme party of the 20s. Fringes, sequins, feathers and lots of make-up – everything is just part of it.

Hippies, cowboys and Indians, superheroes and gangsters are also very clear favorites among the themed parties. The costumes and the decoration can be designed with little effort and with a little more imagination you can experience really funny and unforgettable moments and laugh a lot.

Theme party ideas for little cowboys and Indians

motto party ideas cowboys indian kids party birthday party

motto party ideas cowboys indian party theme colorful feather

Fairy tale parties are also quite popular and offer plenty of material to improvise and transform into another character. Interestingly, not only kids love this kind of party. Adults also like to organize these and then let off steam. You already know! In each of us lives a small child who is just waiting to be woken up. And of all motto parties are the perfect thing for it. Do not miss this!

Have a look at all 15 theme party ideas in peace and let yourself be inspired!

Have fun and celebrate!

Fairy tale party for young and old

motto party ideas fairy tale party theme

motto party ideas fairy tale party organize fairy costume blue kids party

Middle Ages fascination

motto party ideas medieval costumes game of thrones

motto party ideas middle ages decoration apparel table decoration

20s theme party “Great Gatsby”

motto party ideas 20s gatsby party

party ideas 20s party gatsby

motto party ideas gatsby party theme glitter

The 60s chic

motto party ideas 60s party women's fashion dresses

Organize hippie theme party

party ideas hippie party headband peace signmotto party ideas hippie party theme

Gender Exchange Party Idea

motto party ideas gender change party idea man woman

Gangster / mafia theme party

motto party ideas casino party mafia theme

motto party ideas casino mafia party table decoration playing cards sweets

Popular superheroes

party ideas kids party superhero theme birthday party

motto party ideas superhero theme batman spiderman kids birthday

Gold and glitter party

motto party ideas glamor gold party evening dress

motto party ideas glitter glamor party idea gold

Colors Party – For example everything in red

motto party ideas red party masquerade birthday party

ABC Party: Anything But Clothes (“Everything but Clothes”)

motto party ideas abc party idea cupcakes table decoration

party ideas abc party recycled party idea

Hollywood Movie Party

motto party ideas marilyn monroe costume movie party

party ideas movie party star wars costumes

Oriental / Indian theme party

motto party ideas indian costumes oriental theme party

motto party ideas oriental party pink costume ladies

Asian / Japanese tea party

motto party-ideas-Asian-party-dinner-fan-buddha-statue-tischdekoration

party ideas kimono party japanese theme