Gems and Zodiac: Which are the lucky stones of Capricorn?

Which are the matching gemstones for the zodiac Capricorn?


The Capricorn from the first decade has a purposeful character, combined with keen sense. He can organize his work wonderfully. The Capricorn from the first decade can find solutions to all questions. The ibex always strives for a good career. They are able to master even the biggest problems in the work.

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Malachite stone

Gemstones and Zodiac Capricorn Malachite

While they are very courageous and open-minded in their careers, people in Capricorn are even shy in love. They need gems that strengthen their self-confidence. Such is one malachite for example. For more concentration and consistency in their projects. Capricorns can pursue their goals in a sustainable way black onyx carry. But with it caution is advised: If a Capricorn tends to depressive moods, he should definitely go through the black onyx black sapphire replace.

Black onyx

Gemstones and Zodiac Capricorn black onyx stones

Earrings with black onyx

Gemstones and Zodiac Capricorn Black Onyx Earrings

Ring with 3 sapphire stones in black
Gemstones and Zodiac Capricorn Black Sapphire Ring

The Capricorn of the second decade has virtually inexhaustible potential for self-development. In order for him to realize this, he must have dark blue or black sapphire carry. He harmonizes wonderfully with the other gemstones. Furthermore, for the Capricorn the nephrite very suitable.

Nephrite stones in relaxed green shades 

Gemstones and Zodiac Capricorn nephrite stones

Nephrite bracelet 

Gemstones and Zodiac Capricorn Nephrite Bracelet

The Capricorns born in the last decade are characterized by their universal intellectual abilities. They are born psychologists and philosophers.

Dark amethyst

Gemstones and Zodiac Capricorn dark amethyst stone

The real disadvantage of all ibexes is that they can become very critical of their interlocutors. For balance and patience they should dark amethyst and Tigereye carry. For people from the third decade are continuing moonstone and almandine very suitable.

All ibexes should avoid Opal and Ruby.

 Almandine chain

Gemstones and Zodiac Capricorn Almandine

Moonstone - a transparent gemstone

Gemstones and Zodiac Capricorn Moonstone

Moonstone ring for the ambitious Capricorn ladies

Gemstones and Zodiac Capricorn Moonstone Ring

Bracelet made of tigereye stones

Gemstones and Zodiac Capricorn Tiger Eye Bracelet

Tiger eye - a gemstone in warm tones

Gemstones and Zodiac Capricorn Tiger Eye Stones