Zodiac Gems: What are the lucky stones for the scorpions?

The matching gems for star sign Scorpio


The scorpions are capable and active, creative natures. They do not recognize the limitations of society and its standards. The life of scorpions is full of events and they are far from being very positive. Scorpions usually have very complicated relationships with the opposite sex until they find true love.

 Zodiac signs and gems - scorpion

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Scorpions from the first decade have such strong intuition that they can be considered paranormal. Unfortunately, they do not always have the discipline to develop their talents and often do not complete a college education.

Scorpio Zodiac Gems - Aquamarine 

matching gems star sign scorpio aquamarine stone

Necklace with aquamarine pendant

Scorpio Zodiac Gems Aquamarine Pendant

These scorpions need gems that keep their excessive passions and contradictions under control. Such are the amethyst and the aquamarine. they should opal wear, as well as Carnelian.

Carnelian stones

Scorpio zodiac gems carnelian stones

Carnelian Earrings - a beautiful gift for the scorpion lady

Scorpio Zodiac Gems Carnelian Earrings

Ring with black opal

Scorpio zodiac gems

Scorpios from the second decade are very passionate. They take the initiative and often come to extremes. That can be good, but sometimes very bad. Scorpions of the second decade do not have a particularly attractive or conspicuous physical appearance. But you have an incredible life energy. They tend to take risks and often make ill-considered appearances. The latter often pay too much for them ...

Amethyst Stone

Scorpio Zodiac Gems Amethyst Stones

Heart shaped amethyst pendant 

Scorpio Zodiac Gems Amethyst Pendant

Scorpions from this decade are wonderful water sports enthusiasts and are also good at politics, as well as in chemistry. They need gems that promote their creativity. That is for example the black opal, that will help them to focus on the most important things. To overcome the great passion they carry, they need scorpions amethyst, almandine, topaz and jasper.

Almandine Necklace

Scorpio Zodiac Gems Almandine

Blue topaz

Scorpio zodiac gems topaz blue

Jasper stones are also beneficial to the Scorpio

Scorpio Zodiac Gems Jasper

Scorpions from the third decade are very intuitive, but also very proud. They are purposeful, unfortunately not very often willing to compromise. This can be very hurtful for other people and for themselves. Scorpions from the third decade need emerald and aquamarine carry. These will appease their stubbornness a bit. For more positive and constructive energy the scorpions need bright red carnelian and black opal.

Emerald stones soothe the stubbornness of scorpions

Scorpio Zodiac Gems Emerald Jewelry Set