Ladies’ sweater Trends 2016: knitwear for fashion-conscious ladies

Ladies Sweater Current Knitwear Long Pullover Ladies

Women's Sweater Trends 2016


Women's sweaters currently belong clearly to the wardrobe of fashion-conscious women. It was not always like that. Allow us to tell you something more about their history. They were introduced to the fashion world by Coco Chanel. She had noticed that the cardigans combine wonderfully with trousers, skirts and many other pieces of clothing.

This season, ladies' sweaters are once again an absolute must-have

Ladies Sweater Wear Current Fashion Trends 2016 Knitted Sweater

Knitted pullover in white

Current Fashion Trends 2016 Strickmode Damenpullover weiß

Current knitwear 2016

new fashion trends 2016 knitwear ladies pullover white

A universal garment

The current sweater models have a universal character. They can be worn by ladies of all ages. The knitted sweaters are warm and comfortable garments. In all seasons you will be protected from the cold weather. If you choose the model, you will look very elegant and feminine.

Warm and comfortable garment

current fashion trends 2016 knitwear women's sweater

Catwalk fashion as inspiration

Current Fashion Trends 2016 Strickmode Damenpullover Laufstegmode

Oversize sweaters for women are very trendy

Current Fashion Trends 2016 Strickmode Damenpullover Laufstegmode Longpullovercurrent fashion trends 2016 knitwear women's sweater tendencies

Business fashion for fashion-conscious ladies

current fashion trends 2016 knitwear women's sweater vest gray

Current textiles, style of wearing and elaboration

At the current Women's sweaters Designers love to combine artificial and natural textiles. They also contain many charmingly knitted elements. As is customary, the sweaters can be combined with all types of garments. The wearing of a scarf is particularly modern since last winter. Take the opportunity to make your vision more interesting and at the same time warm.

Trendy colors and wide cuts

current fashion trends 2016 knitwear colors ladies sweater

Warm knitted vest in gray

Women's Sweater Current Fashion Trends 2016 Knitwear Knitted Sweater

Knitted vest in mustard yellow

Ladies' sweater current fashion trends 2016 knitwear vest yellow

Green jumper with white shirt

Women's sweater current fashion trends 2016 knit fashion

sporting Women's sweaters

The comfortable and natural vision is very topical right now. That's why the sporty-elegant Women's sweaters with original elements in the neckline an important part of the new fashion collections.

Many even look sporty and elegant

gray ladies sweater knitted current fashion trends 2016

Modern turtleneck sweater with knit pattern 

current fashion trends 2016 knitwear women's sweater gray turtleneck sweater

Knee length ladies sweater in dark gray

Ladies' sweater current fashion trends 2016 Long Pullover Ladies

Wide and long Women's sweaters

Ladies who are used to a narrower sweater may find the wider silhouette rather unusual. But that is a trend now and you should give it the necessary attention. The cardigans are now quite wide. Nevertheless, they manage to emphasize the beauty of the figure.

Street Fashion

current fashion trends 2016 Women's Sweater Long Pullover Women

The customization with belts and other accessories is also in vogue.

Modern at the Women's sweaters is the length to the middle of the thighs. An optimal effect can be achieved by combining with tight pants.

Wide ladies' sweaters

Ladies sweater knits current fashion trends 2016

Trendy outfits

Ladies sweater knitted current knitwear pictures Ladies sweater knitted sweater dress brown long sweater ladies

Long pullover as a dress

Ladies pullover Long pullover Dress light gray Streetstyle Fashion

Sweater Dress

This trend has also prevailed this year. Both the narrower and the wider models are currently up to date. The first should be enriched with original prints and knitting elements. Bold and eye-catching visions are in. The wide women's sweater dresses should again skillfully emphasize the movements of the body and make the ladies look super elegant.

Women's knit sweater by Stella McCartney

Women's Sweater Current Fashion Trends 2016 Long Pullover Stella McCartney

Ladies sweater with slits on both sides 

current knitwear ladies sweater gray long turtleneck sweater

Modern nuances and textiles in women's sweaters

The modern color scheme of Women's sweaters differs from this of recent seasons by the great variety of nuances. White and any soft colors are especially popular. Smooth and elastic textiles as well. Sweaters in such a style can be wonderfully spiced up with animal prints, geometric patterns and other current details.

Colored horizontal stripes

Women's sweater striped pattern colored Trends 2016 casual fashion

Great variety of nuances

current knitwear ladies pullover oversize fashion

Popular among the pullovers is the melange knitting yarn, as well as the combination of smooth and richly ornamented elements. Cable knit sweaters for women also give you a very contemporary and modern look.

Celtic and Iranian ethnic motifs are among the Women's sweaters also fashionable.

The cold days are getting less and less. But they are not over completely! Spend it well styled by choosing a suitable one Women's sweaters to buy.

Chic ladies' sweater by Bottega Veneta

current knitwear Bottega Veneta women's sweater stripes current knitwear ladies sweater chevron pattern gray whitecurrent knitwear ladies sweater white black pattern current knitwear red ladies sweater vest dressLadies sweater blue green Hamd casual fashion Ladies pullover blue trends 2016 casual fashion Ladies' sweater colorful short sleeve knitwearWomen's Sweater Fashion Current Trends 2016 Turtleneck and JeansLadies' sweater current fashion trends 2016 Streetstyle fashionLadies sweater current fashion trends 2016 cashmere sweater ladiesLadies sweater fashion current trends 2016 knit sweater brownKnit sweater dark green with jeans and blazerWomen's Sweater Fashion Current Trends 2016 Turtleneck Sweater with Pants Ladies sweater knit fashion trends 2016 knitwear fashion knit sweater Long Pullover Ladies Pattern Colors Trends Knitwear knit sweater gray with skirt and white shirt