English suit – classic elegance for fashion-conscious men

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English suit - the classic elegance


When it comes to Musthave pieces in the men's wardrobe, then you can not do without the English suit. That's also a pretty handy choice. Because with such a suit you are always on the right side for very official occasions.

Men's fashion and the men's suit

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Main features of the English suit

No matter which fashion trend you are following, the English suit has some unmistakable features. Here you are:

- Following the natural lines of the body

- Soft forms at the shoulders

- Transverse pockets with flaps

- trousers without cuffs of medium width; they fall straight and have a fairly high waist

- You do not use a belt

- You have the third, so called Ticket Pocket bag over the right one

What does the modern man look like nowadays?

 English suit of elegant men suit

 Stylish and elegant

english suit elegant men suit classic

 And, of course, self-confident

English suit elegant men's fashion men suit

Features of a section of English suit

For some, the hints we have given may seem too severe. The truth is that there is still enough room for expressing your own individuality. One of the places where you have a lot of freedom is the shoulder lines. The open buttons on the sleeves are usually a sign of the high price range. Typically, the English suits are cut in Italy. But this solution also has a lot of practical pages. You can easily turn the sleeves about when washing clothes. Furthermore, one can afford to leave them longer.

Interesting fact: English suit is cut in Italy

english suit elegant men's fashion

You wear the English suit without a belt, but with ...

As already mentioned, belongs to an English suit no belt. What then, is now the legitimate question! You can consider a corsage band with closure. This is a wonderful solution for men who are not very tall. This avoids the visual part of the figure in two. The latter in turn contributes to the lower appearance.

Traditional English suit is worn without a belt

English suit black men's suit rather than belt

The real English suit

Of course you can perfectly imitate the cut of the English suit. But if you want to have a real, authentic piece of this kind, then you really only have one choice. These are created in a special studio in London. It's called Savile Row and is located in the same named district in the English capital.

 How is a men's suit tailored?

english suit men's fashion men's suit Savile Row tailoring

1. Create a cut

english suit men's fashion men suit savile row cut

2. Prepare the substance

english suit men suit Savile Row

3. Cropping

english suit men's fashion men suit Savile Row

Textures and patterns in the English suit

The classic appearance includes a blue background with white stripes on it. If you observe politicians, business people, noblemen of the highest class, you would still notice this classic appearance today.

Valuable materials in use

english suit men's fashion blue tie sakko precious fabrics

Other good variants include the gray on gray patterns with different nuances. This variant of the English suit makes an ideal choice for conservative people with a restrained character.

The classic gray in men's fashion

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In the two-piece English suits you have to do with gray background and stripes in chalk.

There is a special kind called the Prince of Wales check. This is related to the fact that Edward VII especially liked this fabric pattern. In the checkered pattern the coworkers of the countess were dressed in his time. They came from Glenurquhart in Scotland. The Prince of Wales has seen her and uses the check pattern for suits, which he has put on for informal occasions.

To this day in England it is so, that one attracts this special kind of the English suit on informal occasions.

Impeccable elegance

english suit men's fashion men suit

Dear men, show your self-confidence! That's so sexy!

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Classic in black, with a white shirt

English suit black men suit

Strict elegance

  men's fashion english suit elegant men suit

 Flash color accent

english suit men's fashion blue tie sakko

Our tip: Have a tailor-made suit tailored to your needs

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Men's suit from the bar

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