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Adriano Celentano actor and singer

Adriano Celentano: The Lessons of Temptation in His Movies and Songs


Inspiration is needed in all areas of life. When it comes to happiness, love and the art of living, then you should look to great personalities in all walks of life.

Because the very talent to be such sources of inspiration, the reason why they have become so popular and popular.

Today we are talking about Adriano Celentano, his films, songs and the image we have of him today.

Autograph card with photo of the young Celentano

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His works contain the truth of why he is one of the greatest sources of inspiration for men who like to master the art of temptation.

The occasion - in January Adriano Celentano had his birthday ... We are a bit late, but at least ...

Buon compleanno!

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We have set out to detail some specific aspects of his life. But first, as an introduction, we want to give you an overview of which are the most striking events that characterize his life.

The incomparable Adriano Celentano

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He had been arrested on the street for an improvised concert, had recorded an album without leaving the kitchen. In this context, it seems to have been an intention that he was born on the day "Befana". This is the name of the day of joy and fun in Italy. What about Adriano Celentano today? On January 6, 2015, he was 77. Let's see what he has done so far ... Still, he is a symbol in many respects ...

Adriano Celentano and wife Claudia Mori

photo black and white Adriano Celentano wife Claudia Mori

Celentano and Mori are happily married since 1964

   photo black and white Adriano Celentano Claudia Mori

In 1968, her first daughter was born

photo black and white Adriano Celentano Claudia Mori child

Born in the family ...

The family in which Adriano Celentano was born was actually very poor. At the age of 12 he leaves school and starts working in the clock studio. But this employment does not seem to compel him to coercion. After decades of successful acting, he still feels attracted to this craft.

 A star Is Born…

Adriano Celentano films and songs

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 Adriano Celentano with colleague Evi Marinelli

photo black and white Adriano Celentano Evi Marinelli

He likes to fulfill urgent orders from friends and acquaintances. Adriano Celentano is fun, he thinks if he had started this business he would probably have been very successful.

Singing with all your heart - that's what the Italian knows

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Adriano Celentano's songs created a lot of disorder ...

Several times Adriano Celentano created disorder in his hometown Milano. He organized improvised concerts in the city center, which did not require paid access. This resulted in many traffic jams. That's why he was arrested before. He explains these incidents by saying that he was in a good mood and that he was after ...

Adriano Celentano on the big screen

Adriano Celentano films actor

 As an actor, Celentano has also been a huge success

Celentano Films stars live Italian singers and actors

Poster from the film comedy "Yuppi Du" (1975)

 Italian singer and actor Celentano movie yuppi du

Miracles in the kitchen

Adriano Celentano seems to prove that not only the love of men goes through the stomach. Because he does wonders in the kitchen. This is an essential part of his seductive charm.

The all-rounder Adriano Celentano

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Prisencolinensinainciusol is one of Adriano Celentano's songs. It was written in a language devised by himself. The song symbolizes the inability of people to understand each other well. It remains at the top of the US and European charts for a long time. It is also one of the first very successful experiments in the field of rap music.

The young Celentano singing

actor and musician Celentano italian singer

The song Prisencolinensinainciusol

Gratitude from the Vatican

The first Adriano Celentano concert takes place in 1958. It was part of a bigger festival. The only singer without his own orchestra at that time he was. Nearby, more precisely, in the Milan Ice Palace, a procession took place, led by the Pope. The clergy felt like listening to music. They went to the presentation of Celentano. At that time he sang without an orchestra. He was the only one who did so by all participants. The pope was fascinated. His admiration was also mentioned by the media. Adriano Celentano was already famous the next day.

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