Walking barefoot as a hobby: why barefoot running is so healthy?

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Hobby walking barefoot - the new old tradition


Somehow, the tendency to walk barefoot seems inappropriate in the new world. But at the same time, experts have repeatedly pointed to its positive consequences in recent years. That's why many people return to this great idea.

We also decided to write something about it again.

Walking barefoot - a healthy hobby

hobby barefoot running barefoot at sunset

Barefoot in the grass

hobby barefoot walking barefoot in the grass

The history

Historically, the shoes are a not so new trend in the people. In some traditions this is even more true. At some point, they needed them to protect themselves from injury and freezing.

But you only put them on when that was really necessary.

Romantic moments on the beach

hobby barefoot barefoot running beach summer vacation

More precisely, the shoes bring with them many changes in the organism. Not all of these can be considered healthy. That's why the hobby of walking barefoot is very appropriate for many people from time to time.

Choose matching shoes - a difficult task

hobby barefoot walking barefoot shoes change the body position

Wearing shoes from a very young age changes the way we walk. We walk faster and in larger steps than it would otherwise have been. Knees and joints are more stressed. The heels and feet are more inactive and less sensitive.

Sport shoes as well as those with the high heels change the center of our heaviness and balance. All this leads to certain advantages, but also to changes in our body structure.

Comfortable sports shoes 

hobby barefoot barefoot running healthy life sneakers

One can compensate for all the disadvantages by developing the hobby of walking barefoot.

Barefoot through the city

new hobby barefoot running barefoot

Why should you walk barefoot often?

You can reach the natural aisle by walking barefoot regularly. The feet are toned and especially their lower part toned. It also regulates the effort of the muscles. Very often, certain muscle groups are strained by sitting or standing in one position.

Many illnesses can relieve the symptoms of the hobby of walking barefoot. An example of this is sclerosis.

Why is it healthy to walk barefoot?

hobby barefoot barefoot running grass summer

The often occurring dead bone on the feet can also be treated successfully. It is an inflammatory symptom and also a cosmetic defect that you want to get rid of.

Use the summer vacation to walk barefoot on the beach

hobby barefoot barefoot running beach sand

Also, a strong positive psychological aspect, the experts have noted. We feel far too far from nature and walking barefoot helps us to get in harmony with the nearby environment.

Sun, sand and sea water 

hobby barefoot barefoot running beach

So you can go barefoot

But you do not have to accept your hobby to walk barefoot! If you are not used to it then you certainly need some preparation. The first few minutes are most uncomfortable and require better adaptability.

Be active in sports, even if you are barefoot

hobby barefoot barefoot running healthy life and sport

Get used to walking barefoot on the grass or on another surface where you would not hurt yourself. You should try to take steps instead of "dragging" your feet above the ground. These wrong moves lead to most injuries.

Barefoot in the snow

hobby barefoot running barefoot in the snow

When running barefoot you should focus your attention on a few steps in front of you. This habit is very important if you walk somewhere where there are many stones. To develop on a subconscious level, a sensor coordination, which will be very useful in the long run.

Enjoy the contact with the sand!

hobby barefoot barefoot running sand

What is better - walking barefoot or running with sports shoes?

Certainly you can not completely replace the hobby of walking barefoot with these special shoes. The effect is slightly different, but even with this more modern version, you have many important benefits.

Walking barefoot or running with sports shoes?

hobby barefoot barefoot running new sports

Shoes of this kind provide the correct articulation of the body. Also for a certain security for people who do not know barefoot running.

Jogging without shoes

hobby barefoot barefoot running sports jogging