A cup of red tea? – the effect of Pu erh tea

red tea pu erh tea effect

Red Tea: Enjoy it with care


Red tea must be ranked among the healthiest drinks for our organism. However, in western culture it has been popular among the general public for a few years now and not only among connoisseurs.

Pu erh tea is the other name of red tea

red tea drink pu erh tea effect red teapot

However, the plant that makes red tea contains caffeine. For this reason, one would have to enjoy this drink with caution.

Pu erh tea effect

Red tea drink Pu erh tea

Which restrictions you should follow, you will learn in the next lines. Of course, we will also share other very interesting facts.

Red tea is considered a slimming agent

Red tea drink Pu erh tea effect Chinese tradition

The red tea is very different compared to the other teas won. Its leaves have to go through a long process of fermentation. That's where the reddish color comes from.

Pu erh tea comes from the Chinese province of Yunnan 

Red tea drink Pu erh tea effect

Do not drink plenty

The red tea has the property to help us lose weight. However, this must not be a reason for you to take too much of it. The reason why this could be dangerous has just been discussed. The tea contains a lot of caffeine. That's why you should not drink more than three cups a day.

This tea variety is obtained from Qingmao Tea Tree

Pu erh tea effect red tea drinking hot tea cup

In no case offer to the children

It goes without saying, but it should also be emphasized again: Red tea is a drink that children should refrain from doing.

Even women who have small babies or are pregnant, should rather refrain from this drink.

This is one of the oldest teas

Pu erh tea effect red tea from china

In the following states, red tea may also not be drunk:

  • Problems with the blood pressure
  • All kinds of heart problems
  • stomach problems
  • nervousness

Does red tea actually have a healing effect?

red tea drink in asia pu erh tea effect

Even with very healthy people, consuming more than three cups a day can lead to the following unpleasant results:

  • You get very nervous and irritable;
  • One only falls asleep with great difficulty;
  • The heartbeats can become irregular;
  • You can get a headache;
  • You can vomit or get diarrhea
  • The irritability can get out of control.

Drink less than 4 cups of red tea daily!

red tea pu erh tea effect drinking red tea

If you want to include red tea in a diet menu, you must seek the advice of a doctor. Do not miss the benefits. Red tea can also have a very positive effect if you integrate it correctly into your daily menu.

Red tea strengthens the immune system

Pu erh tea effect drinking red tea