Subtle Eye Makeup – Nice Tips and Tricks

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Subtle Eye Makeup: Tips for Your Eyes for Spring and Summer 2015

You could say that there are permanent and trendy aspects of eye make-up tips. The first ones concern the principles according to which one should make up one's face type. We mean the shape of the face, the eyes, the skin color, even the age and so on.

But then there are also tricks and trends that are particularly typical of a particular year and season.

Do you like such a look?

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The permanent aspects of make-up include attunement with the occasion and the time of day. You should always ask yourself the question: is my look more about the everyday, office or evening show? Then there are also gradations, depending on whether you have to be official, or more stringent or more provocative and extravagant. As you will notice in this and other reviews, it is very important to make-up tips for eyes.

Very subtle eyeshadow, yet beautiful and effective

subtle eye make up fresh eyeshadow pink lips

"Cat Look" is back in fashion

The look that you know as a cat look is back in. That's for sure subtle eye make up, but that can make a big difference. You could count on that! If you leave it only with the Eye Liner and the very light eye shadow, then we have an everyday appearance. But when you combine them with glaring and provocative nuances, you look pretty provocative. Paired with the nuances of official clothing, you will also be able to achieve a fitting look for high-level official events. How strong or subtle the whole thing is, is also related to the lipstick, which one would use.

Black Eyer Liner is enough for the everyday look

subtle eyes make up trends cat's eyes

Something provocative look thanks to this red lipstick

make up tips eyes eyer liner red lipstick

Elegant make-up

make up tips eyes red lips eyer liner

Turquoise for the provocative ladies among you

Eye makeup tips in the next two seasons will also include new great options for the bolder ladies. Rewrite the contours according to the desired way with turquoise. So you will certainly be very up to date. However, it is important that you cover your skin perfectly. It should look perfectly even and in no case too pale. Because the blue color would make even the smallest defect on your face even more noticeable. The eye shadow could be in the bright neutral color palette. Medium brown could be the eyebrows.

Fresh combination of eye shadow in turquoise and pink lips

make up tips trends green eyeshadows natural lips

Eyeshadow in shades of green

subtle eye make up turquoise color eyeshadow

Suitable for the evening

make up tips eyes turquoise eyeshadow

Blue Eyer liner

make up tips eyes blue eyer liner

Combination of blue and brown

make up tips eyes eyeshadow blue shades

Summery trends

Very subtle make-up that emphasizes your natural beauty will be up-to-date in the summer. Light nuances come both on the eyes and on the lips. Hardly there are moments and forms in everyday life, which you would not look good with. The main thing here is that the skin looks evenly well made up. Paleness should be avoided. Important in the eye make-up tips are the elements that emphasize the effect of natural beauty. These are for example the mascaras or the gloss for the lips. In summer, such a look could also be suitable for the evening. But look for colors and eyeshadows that have shiny aspects in them.

Put on discreet make-up

subtle eyes make up maskara pink lips

 Make up your eyes discreetly

subtle eye make up everyday lifestyle

A gentle charisma

subtle eye make up eyer liner bright lips

Bright eyeshadows and subtle lipstick combine

subtle eyes make up bright lips

Green and light brown combine well

subtle eye make up eyeshadow green light brown

If you want to emphasize the eyes

make up tips eyes purple eyer liner

Eyer Liner and subtle eyeshadow

make up tips eyes black eyer liner eyeshadow

The silver color emphasizes the effect of the cat's look

make up tips eyes black eyer liner silver eyeshadow