Halloween hairstyles: 20 inspiring children’s hairstyles for the evening before All Saints Day

halloween hairstyles girl halloween costumes for kids

Cool kids hairstyles for Halloween


Who is most looking forward to Halloween? We, adults, of course, but the joy of the little ones is several times greater. And that's why we think we're responsible for organizing a happy children's party. This of course includes original Halloween costumes and matching hairstyles.

You can find out how to style the hair of your children thematically below. We've created an inspirational image gallery that could be very helpful in choosing a Halloween kids hairstyle. So sit down with your kids and scroll down. We promise some real hits ...

Ideas for Halloween Hairstyles for the little ones

cool halloween hairstyles kids halloween costumes

   Creative children's photography on Halloween 

halloween hairstyles and halloween kids costumes combine

Actually, the themed children's hairstyles for Halloween should definitely not be complicated or too complicated. You should just put a few striking accents, such as orange bows, colorful plastic spiders or skeletons in the girls hairs. Boys like it colorful and a bit scary than girls. Take a look at the examples below, which we have specially collected for you.

Pippi Longstocking

halloween hairstyles pippi longstocking with balloons

Our tip is to first choose the costume together with your child and only then to browse for a suitable hairstyle. But if you've already decided on the Halloween outfit, then make the outfit complete with the right hair style.

Halloween pumpkin-Dutt

halloween hairstyles girl pumpkin dot hairdressing

A pumpkin bun actually fits any Halloween costume. That's why these girl hairstyles are among our favorites. Hairdress one or more butts and decorate them with chic bows in orange and green. (the picture above)

Plastic spiders in their hair

halloween hairstyles cool halloween costumes kids

Integrate into the hair of your daughter typical Halloween symbols like spiders or plastic skulls. Skeletons are also an apt choice. The following pictures will best illustrate our words.

Skilfully integrating decorative Halloween skeletons into the girl hairstyle

halloween hairstyles and cool hairstyles with skeletons

Various variants are possible

halloween hairstyles girl skeletons halloween costumes for kids

Or so…

halloween hairstyles girl skeletons pigtails halloween kids costumes

Use special Halloween hair accessories

halloween hairstyles and scary child hairstyles

Loops and hairclips that convey the Halloween mood

halloween hairstyles and cool hairstyles for halloween

Complicated girl hairstyles

halloween hairstyles girl pumpkin color costume

In harmony with the fall

halloween hairstyles and cool hairstyles and costumes for halloween

Deer with eyes and red nose

halloween hairstyles girl updo halloween deer dot

Arielle, the little mermaid 

halloween hairstyles girl sea mermaid braid

Rainbow in the clouds / hair

halloween hairstyles girl rainbow halloween costumes for kids

Children love delicious tartlets

halloween hairstyles girl tart dots halloween kids costumes

halloween hairstyles girl halloween costumes

About a bizarre hair color tint, most guys would be very happy. Blue and green are 2 of the most sought after colors. Halloween hairstyles like these below are really a hit. Be inspired and enjoy a nice family party!

The blue waves ride

halloween hairstyles boy with blue hair halloween costumes

Cool hairstyles for boys

children's hairstyles and halloween costumes for children

Of course, you also use scary accents

halloween hairstyles boy with green hair


halloween hairstyles boy with green hair halloween costumes

Happy Halloween!

cool kids hairstyles and halloween costumes for kids family photo