Italian suit stands for impeccable elegance

men's fashion italian suit brioni fashion men suit

Italian suit - elegance, splendor and style


Italy and England are certainly the two countries that most affect men's fashion. Both show in many cases opposite approaches in dealing with the themes of style and aesthetics. The topic of masculinity in itself is certainly understood quite differently in these two countries.

Italian fashion for men

Men's fashion italian suit italian fashion men suit

That's why the Italian and English suits show completely different aspects of your own personality. We would say that both Musthaves pose in the upscale modern men's wardrobe.

Daniel Craig in the role of James Bond in a stylish Italian suit

brioni men's fashion italian suit Daniel Craig James Bond

The characteristics which one associates with the Italian suit

Italians are elegant, but also very emotional and individual in a noble way. One recognizes in the models the competition for the leading role of the men. Because it is particularly characteristic of Italian men. By comparison, the Englishman wants to remain very noble, but in a certain way unnoticed in the crowd. He understands the latter as a trait that is more masculine.

Italian men and their machismo

italian style men's fashion italian suit

How did the Italian suit come about?

Already initially, the Italian suit was created with the idea of ​​contrasting with English. This happened at the end of World War II in Rome. It was named after an island in the Adriatic Sea - Brioni. At this time, this was known as a resort for people of premium class. So the name was a symbol of the Italian concept of elegance, high class and style. The founder of the brand lived up to this claim. He has created a whole new line in men's fashion. It quickly became popular in Europe and soon afterwards also in the USA. You still know the brand today. There you can buy not only a great Italian suit, but also wonderful shirts and accessories.

Italian suits from Brioni

brioni men's fashion italian suit elegant black

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Precise cutting work

brioni men's fashion italian suit tailoring

Special features of the Italian suit

If you have seen a few models of the English and Italian suits, then you could certainly distinguish them from now on. But let us always go into a few details. Many details are simpler than the English version. The top is usually wider and longer. At the shoulders of the Italian suit is not as tight as the English. Free and wider are also the pants. They have approximately the same circumference at the top and bottom of the pant leg.

What distinguishes the Italian style?

brioni men's fashion italian suit

Daring color suggestions

brioni men's fashion italian suit modern red

Here is the list of the other typical features of the Italian suit:

- V-shaped silhouette with wide shoulders (as in 1930's gangster fashion)

- Soft and light textures when working out

- Use of many layers that make the Italian suit gentler and more comfortable for the body than the English

- The jacket is two-fold or simple, but always without a slit

- The lapels are straight cut and quite wide

- The pants are wide and folded on the belt

- The pockets on the jacket are cut in a frame

- The bag in the upper left part has a slightly oblique shape

broad shoulders

Men's Fashion Italian Suit Black Men Suit

 Soft and light textures

men's suit pink shirt men's fashion italian suit

 Gentle and pleasant for the body

men's fashion italian suit modern

 V-shaped silhouette

men's fashion italian suit men suit

Elegant and masculine in light blue

men's fashion italian suit italian fashion shoulder wide v-shaped

 Impressive and romantic with a purple touch

men's fashion italian suit chic colors shoulder wide v-shaped

 Elegant and tender in pink

men's fashion italian suit pink shirt tie shoulder wide v-shaped

Neutral and impeccable in gray

men's fashion italian suit sakko without slit waistcoat

Classic in black and white

men's fashion italian suit sakko without slit vest black

 Elegant in white

brioni men's fashion italian suit modern white

Italians look like this ...

men's fashion italian suit shoulder wide v-shaped