Light hairstyles – Some ideas for the beach

Make light hairstyles for the beach itself

Coming soon is the time for the summer vacation. You always want to look perfect. Finding the right hairdo is not an easy task. It would not be too early to start thinking about it now. We have some light hairstyles ready for you, which look effective and are easy to style!

Light waves

Light waves are a very feminine choice. All you need is a homemade hairspray and a few minutes to shape the waves with your hand.

Lightweight hairstyles for women with a fresh touch

easy hairstyles to make yourself wavy hair summer look

Light hairstyles - waves are romantic and feminine

easy hairstyles for yourself make lateral braid


Rinse the hair with a special shampoo that protects it from the influence of salty water. Make a braid. That's how you look and protect your hair.

Original side braid captivates the view

light hairstyles ideas themselves make summer long hair

Mid-length hair looks gorgeous with a side braid

easy hairstyles to make yourself medium-length hair side plait

Upside down

This is something for the beach party. They look casual, playful and elegant. Combine with a flower or another hair accessory.

Side hairpiece is a nice idea for the summer

light hairstyles medium long summery fresh

Updo - Pragmatic and fresh idea for the summer

easy hairstyles to make yourself updo

Retro look ideas for the summer

easy hairstyles for yourself make long hair accessories every day

Hippie Style

Just tie your hair together and let hang some strands. Treat the hair in advance with special care products for shine and volume.

Casual look with ponytail is suitable for the summer

easy hairstyles to make your own ponytail

Braid and ponytail

A ponytail that goes into ponytail is a very effective variation for easy hairstyle for the beach. You can also wear it during the day or go to a party.

A pigtail ponytail looks cool

easy hairstyles to make braid ideas updo yourself

Tips for the hair on the beach

No matter which hairstyle you choose, it only looks nice if you look after your hair properly. That's why we have some tips for you:

Do not use styling products. They pollute the hair and make them even more susceptible to the influence of the sun and water. Apply a hair balm before combing your hair after swimming. Do not dry your hair with the hair dryer and definitely not at too high a temperature. Use coconut butter for hair care. It hydrates your hair the best. Use a comb with wide teeth. Eat products that contain healthy fatty acids. These are avocado, salads with olive oil, coconut butter in shakes, coconut with milk, etc. Be nice and fit for your summer vacation! We wish you successful hairstyles and a lot of fun on the beach!

Watch how you take care of your hair during the summer

light hairstyles to properly care for summer hair

To look fresh in the summer is the wish of every woman

light hairstyles summer accessories long hair

Choose the right hairstyle for the summer

Light hairstyles braid make summer hairstyles

 Fresh idea with braid

light hairstyles women's hairstyles long hair braid

Braids are hairstyles that leave a lot of room for imagination

slight hairstyles lateral braid blond hair

Long hair looks wonderful with light waves

easy hairstyles for yourself make long hair waves

Side braids are trendy and fresh

slight hairstyles braid long hair dark

Everyday and easy to do

light hairstyles diy ideas braid

For a youthful look

easy hairstyles summer ideas braid

Drop a few strands

light hairstyles summer plait casual look

Summer hairstyle for long hair

light hairstyles wavy hair summery mood

A braid gives you a youthful look

light hairstyles braid ideas summer hairstyles ideas

Ponytail with braid - Easily and quickly style your hair for the summer

light hairstyles braid long hair blonde

Also suitable for the wedding

hairstyles summer fresh braid

That's how celebrities wear their long hair

women's hairstyles make themselves wavy long

Gentle and romantic, this woman hairstyle

hairstyles to make yourself medium-length hair wavy

Summer hairstyles ideas for hair in Ombre style

hairstyles to make yourself summer ideas long hair wavy

Flowers are fresh hair accessories in summer

Women's hairstyles for yourself make long hair flowers on the side

Summer hairstyles with braid

women's hair braid sideways summer outfit hairstyles women

Divide the hair into two pigtails

hairstyles for making braids summer hairstyles ideas

Long wavy hair

women's hairstyles for yourself make wavy hair long