Lack of motivation: possible reasons and useful tips

lack of motivation and self-motivation how can I do it

Possible reasons why you accompany the lack of motivation in everyday life


When it comes to achieving big goals, we all make a lot of effort and have the best plans. We dream about it during the day, talk about it, tell some details to our friends and family members.

We also read books, do research on the topic and thus make significant progress towards achieving our goal.
We say to ourselves: "One day it will work!", "At some point, our dream will come true!". But it does not really happen to the story.

If the motivation is missing ...

Missing motivation reasons tips self-motivation

We've all been like this, have not we? We have this feeling of lack of motivation to get started. It makes us wait too long for the right moment.

Let us try, through analysis, to find out how such a lack of motivation could be at the beginning of a life project? Five points are particularly serious and we would like to respond to them.

Find motivation, but how?

self motivation missing motivation and how can I do it

Do not have a plan

Planning and building a particular strategy is often the hardest thing to do. If these are missing, everything looks so bleak, unknown, confusing and thus unreachable.

So start with the plan. Even if it changes with time, you would clearly continue to structure the actions and their order.

Make a plan and realize it today!

lack of motivation and self-motivation positive plan today


In the modern world, there are too many things to distract us. These are the constant messages and phone calls. You get various offers for other, equally exciting projects. How can one be concentrated in the sea of ​​temptations on one thing?

Do not let the right way distract you!

Lack of motivation reasons to find self-motivation

Everything is in your hands. Log out of the networks that distract you or deny yourself access to them while working on your projects. Keep only one channel open for your neighbor. Do not let other people know about it.

Even if one or the other friend may be angry at the beginning, that you are not available all the time, they would all get used to it over time.

Realize your idea and believe in your own powers!

missing motivation tips self motivation positive note

The hurdles on the way to success

Wishes are one thing, but in life there are always many hurdles to overcome. Defects are all around us. Your actions too are more or less shaped by it, even if you are moving in the right direction. There are too many moments of self-doubt. They are inevitable, but you should actually understand that they are something quite normal.

Heads up! They would certainly do it!

lack of motivation you can make it slip self-motivation

Trust in yourself. Also observe other people pursuing their goals. Who is beautiful without blemish? If things are going forward, that's the best sign that you're on the right path, right?

So do not forget it: The difficulties you face are clearly no reason for lack of motivation!

To make the impossible possible

Lack of motivation possible or impossible self-motivation

Do not let the fear guide you

Lack of motivation also comes about when you let yourself be guided by the wrong things in life. Here is an example: You are looking for a new job because you want to develop your career further. But if you want to dodge the alternative work of dealing with a moody manager, then that's probably the wrong way. There would be difficulties everywhere! You will immediately enter a state of lacking motivation as soon as you encounter the next difficult problem.

Solve problems on the way skillfully

lack of motivation self-motivation carrots

The way out is to rely more on the good development and the deep meaning of things, and not take actions that are inspired by fear rather than your dreams and good goals.

Fall down → stand up → judge crowns → and continue running 

Missing motivation tips self-motivation fall down and get up

They can be deeply motivated by the outside world

We all need some kind of recognition from the outside world. We are never completely independent and thank God! Because communication with other people is good and helps us all to develop further.

Be motivated by your friends and acquaintances

lack of motivation self-motivation useful tips

But we also have to build up objective criteria that we use to be realistic about ourselves. So we can be a bit more selective in the opinions of other people. They are sometimes good, sometimes misleading. They are like waves and if we are completely dependent on it, it could be that we are pushed all the time in the one, sometimes in the other direction. That may not be good in the long run.

Find motivation made easy

Lack of motivation away to self-motivation

Lack of motivation is therefore due to the insecurity in ourselves. Rarely it depends on it, that we are too lazy. We have to understand that all people make mistakes and that even the glamorous hero who realizes all his dreams is always plagued by self-doubt.

Stay tuned, because the luck to reach your big goal is worth it.

Professional tip from Neil Patrick Harris 

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