Transparent dresses are trendy this summer

How should we choose fashionable transparent dresses?


Is his transparent clothes good? Do you manage to be sensual and at the same time stylish instead of cheap and tasteless? Then it is worth wearing such clothes. You should follow certain rules to avoid failed attempts with your outfit. This must not be as complicated as it sounds! Learn how to best wear and combine transparent clothing.

Summer 2016 is transparent

Sheer dresses designer catwalk fashion transparent shirt black

Get inspiration from the catwalk fashion 

Sheer dresses designer catwalk fashion transparent fashion

Restrictions on the figure

The restrictions on the figure are of course quite serious. If your figure is far from the ideal female figure, then the transparent clothing is not necessarily your best bet. It could only stress the disadvantages of your body. See that the less well-shaped areas are nicely covered.

Skirt in transparent fabric

Sheer dresses designer catwalk fashion transparent skirt

What should we choose?

The fashion designers advise us to opt for the outerwear for transparent textiles. Furthermore, the combinations with rustic and glamorous elements in the current season are very topical. We have to keep the right dimensions, so that the whole thing does not look vulgar or ridiculous.

Transparent skirts are also a possible choice, but for them you need a perfect figure and stylish outfit combination. This is just for the ladies, who have a very sophisticated taste and strong self-confidence. Underneath you have to put on a pair of shorts anyway, which is so stylishly chosen that it keeps you from the ridiculous and vulgar look.

Show self-confidence with your outfit

Sheer dresses catwalk fashion transparent dress

Three important steps in choosing the right model for you

Consider the above criteria. Do you have a good figure? Are you self-confident and do you have a high lifestyle? Here are the three concrete practical steps that will guide you to choosing the right transparent clothing.

Summer trends for style-conscious ladies

Sheer dresses designer catwalk fashion transparent top

The silhouette

Her clothes must be very feminine and relatively close to the body. Of course not like second skin! The mysticism of transparency must be preserved.

Body-conscious dresses made of transparent fabric 

Fashion trends transparent dresses black dress V neckline

Keyword: femininity

Sheer dresses designer catwalk fashion transparent


The textile must have very good quality. For transparent fabrics you can see the smallest defects immediately. The good quality must also be complied with in other respects. Your skin must be able to breathe well and you should not sweat too much in it.

Transparent accessories are also in fashion

Sheer dresses designer catwalk fashion transparent bag clutch


Stay on the safe side of transparent clothing by choosing the darker shades. So you are both elegant and reserved, because these two aspects are mandatory for every outfit.

Keep up with the latest fashion trends

Sheer dresses designer transparent catwalk fashion

See-through is sexy

Fashion trends Ladies transparent dresses Top with zipper

Designer dress 

Fashion Trends See-Through Dresses Designer Fashion Skirt

Haute couture

Fashion trends see-through dresses haute couture fashion

Transparent shirt without sleeves

Fashion trends see-through dresses Shirt without sleeves

Transparent pants

Fashion trends see-through dresses pants catwalk fashion

Current catwalk fashion

Fashion trends see-through dresses pants Top catwalk fashion

Sporty jacket

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