Jojoba oil: a healing elixir for hair and skin

Jojoba oil hair skin beauty tips ideas

Jojoba oil for hair and body


Today, there will be talk of a mystical and soothing plant that was originally found in Arizona, California and Mexico. But now Jojoba has clearly become a world star. In India, for example, they were used to prevent the spread of the desert to some regions.

The soothing effect of jojoba oil

Jojoba oil hair hair care beauty tips

Today there are many plantations in Australia, Argentina, Mexico, Israel, Peru and the USA. Mainly they are cared for with a commercial goal. Jojoba has become an obligatory part of many different cosmetic products.

Beauty care with jojoba oil

Jojoba oil hair skin facial care beauty tips


Before we move on to the point where we explain the benefits of jojoba oil for hair and body, we would like to share some facts with you. Jojoba is a bush with the Latin name Simmondsiachinensis. The plant reaches up to three meters in height. The leaves show an oval shape and a size up to 3 cm. The color is between gray and green. The flowers are very small and also colored green-yellow.

The fruits are reminiscent of the shape and color of an acorn

Plant jojoba oil hair skin beauty tips

Jojoba flowers and ripe fruits

Plant flowers fruits jojoba oil hair skin beauty tips

Medical application

As a remedy, the jojoba plant and the extracts from it were already used by the Indians. You can heal many different wounds. But you also need to know that too much can be toxic to humans and other living things. That’s why you should always follow certain rules and regulations when using it.

As a remedy applicable

Jojoba oil hair face skincare beauty tips

This is how you gain jojoba oil

Most people associate jojoba oil and hair care. This is also the most common form of use. The oil is obtained by the method of cold pressing.

Healing elixir also for the hair

Jojoba oil hair natural hair care beauty tips

Research has shown that the content of jojoba oil is very reminiscent of whale and human fat. In its purest form, jojoba oil has a golden-silver color. But in this it is also quite expensive.

Ingredients and effect

Jojoba oil hair skin beauty tips

Ingredients and effect

The ingredients in jojoba oil are:

  • Vitamin E,
  • Vitamin B complex
  • iodine
  • Zinc and copper
  • Chrome and silicon.

Health in a drop

  • Benefits Jojoba oil hair skin face beauty tips

10 reasons for using jojoba oil

If you opt for jojoba oil for hair, then make a healthy, but also very practical choice. Through this you secure a product that shows a great sustainability. This is a big advantage over walnut oil, for example.

Sustainability concerns all products to which jojoba oil has been added.

The secret of perfect skin

Jojoba Oil Hair Dandruff Massage Beauty Tips

The jojoba oil has wonderful properties against inflammation. It is well absorbed. It can be used to treat and maintain the moisture of the skin in depth. Jojoba oil opens the pores and promotes the growth of new cells. It improves the blood circulation. The synthesis of skin collagen is intensified. Jojoba oil can be used to protect the skin and hair from the negative influence of the sun.

Jojoba oil shows no side effects

Jojoba oil hair skin face beauty tips

Even more about the positive effect of jojoba cosmetics

Jojoba oil is great for hair care but has the potential for a much wider use. You can use it to remove powder, foundation and other cosmetics very effectively and in a healthy way. You can also wonderfully remove the pollution of these and other types from the skin.

Even with pimples and other blemishes, jojoba oil can help much further.

Jojoba oil for pimples and acne

Jojoba oil hair skin acne beauty tips

Hair, but also eyelashes are very well reinforced with jojoba oil.

With jojoba oil you can avoid forming dandruff. This works because the skin moisture in this area is improved.

The cuticle becomes softer and is also enhanced by the action of jojoba oil. You can heal injured and rough lips.

After shaving you can wonderfully soothe the skin with jojoba oil. Also, herpes and athlete’s foot can be treated successfully.

Soothing effect

Jojoba oil hair skin care massage face beauty tips

Jojoba oil can reduce the orange peel. In winter, the cold of feet and hands is expelled. Depression and irritability will no longer be so dominant in people who suffer from it.

You can sleep better thanks to Jojoba.

But again: consult with a specialist before use due to the toxic effect that might arise.

Aroma therapy with jojoba oil

Jojoba oil hair skin pimple acne fight beauty tips

Let yourself relax properly!

Jojoba oil hair skin aroma therapy beauty tips