Professional tips and tricks on the topic of “painting nails”;

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Paint the nails with professional sets and tricks at home


Hm, to be honest, we've been thinking for a long time about how we're going to go about this article. We were on the verge of promising to help you paint your nails so that they are professional. Honestly, that hardly works, unless you are a real talent.

Thankfully, the nail design industry is evolving more and more every day. There are always better-developed methods that allow you to paint your nails so that you achieve wonderful results. You can not do this in domestic conditions.

Paint fingernails properly

properly nail polish nail polish design

But you have many devices and sets that you could find only a few years ago in the specialized stores. With it and with some tricks, which one knows from the professional studios, one can paint the nails so that they look extraordinarily neat and beautiful.

So you can visit the studio only for really special occasions and comfortable to maintain your hands at home.

Everything you need for a nail polish design

properly nails paint tools

 Make yourself a great Christmas present - give yourself valuable cosmetics and nail polishes 

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The most important rules when painting the nails

Before moving on to the specific tips, let's give you the main rules to follow. First you have to wash and dry your hands very well. Then you would need to make sure that the products you use are of good quality. Not always, these must be the most expensive brands. But if you save, you do that consciously. They must not have expired. If the nail polish is reduced, look why it is. This, firstly, looks bad and, secondly, it is not healthy to apply such substances after the expiration of the date of use.

Care for your hands and nails - use natural products

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The professional tips for nail painting

And here we come to the special tips, by which you can paint your nails almost professionally at home.

1. Warm up the nail polish with your hands and pour the bottle

2. After removing the brushes, drain the nail polish. This leaves just the right amount to apply.

Professional nail design made easy

Nails paint dark blue nail polish design

3. Begin dyeing from the middle of the nail surface. Otherwise, you run the risk of painting the skin in the base of the nails. From there, it is quite difficult to remove.

4. You have to do it after touching the nail with the brush to remove it only at the top. Only then will the result look uniform.

5. If you have done everything right, then after step 4, only a very small amount of paint on the brush must be left over. It takes just as much to do the lateral lines of the manicure.

Follow these very easy tips

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6. You must paint the nails with at least two layers. One is by no means sufficient. Allow enough time for the two to dry off.

7. Now it comes to the last phase. Look closely to see if something on the side of the manicure may not look perfect. Often, despite all the caution, at least a bit of the pieces of skin in the approach discolored. Hardly you can remove the paint from there without a trace, if you do not use a special pen for correction. Alternatively, you can use a stick for ear cleaning. The latter is really only to be recommended to the very skilled among you .... Keep a corrective stock at hand.

Apply two coats of nail polish - take your time

properly nails paint skin color nail polish design

If you carefully follow all these tips and maybe practice a few times in peace, you should soon be able to professionally paint your nails without any problems.

Nail art design in blue

properly nails paint blue nail polish design

In bright yellow

french nail design gallery nail art monochrome yellow

Nail polish colors to choose from

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 Create a pattern

fingernails images simple nail design heart motifs

Painting fingernails - pattern for Christmas

gel nail pattern french nails dark blue white snow crystals

Snowflake in the lower right corner

nail design picture gallery nail art christmas red

Simple fir tree

nail design picture gallery nail art christmas christmas tree

Simple design in black and white

fingernails images black white simple nail design

Do not forget shiny effects!

nail design picture gallery nail art ideas glitter gold

Nail art ideas for the coming summer - strawberries

nail art summer holiday nail design pictures strawberry pattern

Combine a neutral and a strong color

simple nail design finger nails pictures plain tricolor

In classic red

simple nail design fingernails pictures simple nails cherry red

Multi-colored nail design

properly nails paint blue white nail polish design

French nail design in black

  properly nails paint french black nail polish design

Nail polish with effects

   properly nails paint pattern nail polish design

Pünktchenmuster as made by the pro

properly nails paint polka dot nail polish design

 Let yourself be inspired by these nail art pictures

properly nails paint pattern dots nail polish design