60 new ideas and new trends in the balcony design 2017

Despite the changeable weather, we are slowly but surely approaching the warm summer. Now is the perfect moment for a cozy balcony design that motivates us to spend more time in the fresh air. 2017 is characterized by striking and cheerful tendencies. The cool concrete look has fallen into the background for the first time.

This became popular because it made the balcony design seem like a natural extension of the minimalist interior. The unity between inside and outside is now achieved by house designers in many other ways. For example, Corresponding shapes and patterns, as well as colors are very popular.

How else can you spice up the balcony design 2017 with news? Here are some modern ideas.

It is getting more and more comfortable outside

luxury furniture beautiful view

Interior design facilities in the balcony design

Meanwhile, many great living room furniture made of weather-resistant materials. That's why they can be used outdoors! So you can achieve more comfort and easily the so sought after homelike character.

Decorative pillows with eye-catching patterns are modern 2017

colorful throw pillows

Throw pillows with unusual patterns

Quality goes to the crowd! They like to use simple furniture, but they show high quality materials and workmanship. Through textiles and accessories they are then individualized and pepped up. Throw pillows with funny patterns are just for this reason in the balcony design 2017 super up to date.

The combination of different styles is very modern

organically nautically exotic

Cool nautical mood

The so popular nautical balcony design is in 2017 announced. We experience these in a cool color palette. Monochrome looks are also very modern. If you have a beautiful view, the colors should best correspond with this.

Retro furniture is mostly perfect for the balcony design

retro furniture balcony design

Retro inspiration

Many homeowners are guided by environmental awareness and the belief that restored furniture is often more valuable and practical. Simplicity in retro style is therefore very popular in the 2017 balcony design.

This fancy furniture set would be ideal also for the terrace

colored furniture set also ideal for the garden

Wicker furniture in unusual colors

For a long time we had no special innovations in the wicker furniture. They were typical of almost every standard balcony design. In 2017, you can also achieve a very individual effect with it. Just paint them in fancy, bright colors.

Wood and other natural materials are modern

comfortable accommodations ideal

Natural materials

The natural materials are a continuing trend in the balcony design. It will even be brought to the fore by designers this year.

Large-sized floral patterns are everywhere in the exterior

garish flaral decoration

Experiments with floral elements

The floral patterns dominate the world of fashion and design, and 2017 will not change. The experiments become even bolder and the results more conspicuous. Wall decoration, table decoration, decoration in unexpected places with artificial and natural plants - all this we see a lot in the balcony design 2017.

Mosaic is very up-to-date 2017 as a decoration

retro and mosaic

Mediterranean furniture

A mosaic table goes well with the Mediterranean design. However, in 2017 you can also integrate a piece of furniture in a completely different, somewhat minimalistic context.


These are just a few of many real examples of trends in balcony design in 2017. But what is the basic principle we recognize in it? The extension of the living space is understood as an experiment with already known forms. The balcony is the perfect place because it always looks a bit informal and non-binding. The summer enjoyment is also in a sense in these properties.

We wish you a lot of inspiration for your own modern experiments!

In the following video you will find some elegant balcony ideas.

 Balcony design for romantic evenings in the city

in a small space seating furniture

cityscape rest restrained

city ​​life khaki

Exotic influences, tropical and orienatlisch - very modern 2017

oriental orange warm

oriental carpet homely

Fabrique textiles form Akzenzte

colorful stripes

pink accents white pillows

pink as an accent

Low-key nautical style

subtly nautical

garden herbal pattern

monochrome nautical color palette

nautical influences

Colored wicker furniture

blue yellow simply modern

Fancy wicker chairs terrace

bright design good positioning

Yellow, green and greenery - also currently 2017

accents in green black white instantly elegant

garden with color accents

greenery accents

greenery green accents

And some great and modern ideas for the balcony design

accents in green black white instantly elegant

brown white green

Office on the balcony

subtly nautical

just more room

Fancy wicker furniture modern

completely neutral hygge

garden herbal pattern

closed balcony design

arched shapes radiant white

green gray vintage

hanging planter furniture

hygge outside

Hygge style in the outdoor area - also very current 2017

Hygge cuddly

In the style of the city landscape

gravel zoning

wicker furniture subtle nautical accents

Empty terrace full of enjoyment

light shadow game natural textures

monochrome nautical color palette

natural colors but very modern

nature green accents

nautical influences

nautically easy too green

nautically modern green

nautically neutral 2017

nautical and radiant

nautical neutral accents

neutral view of the sea

That's how easy the tropical inspired balcony furniture can be

neutral oriental

orange accent stainless steel

perfect even in winter

Example of Scandinavian style in the balcony design

scandinavian white wood washed out

Even the smallest terrace can be divided into zones. This makes her look more modern.

stripes pattern accents

carpet zoning

textile accent

tropical inspiration

Lush green very careful choice