Horoscope Pisces: What are the stars for Pisces in the New Year?

Horoscope fish annual horoscope 2016

Horoscope for zodiac sign Pisces 2016


The horoscope of fish indicates transformations in all areas of life. They are guided by the aspiration to leave a good impression on certain people. It's about people who still do not appreciate it. Fish achieve much success in this project.

They will gain much popularity.

Annual Horoscope 2016 Zodiac Pisces

Horoscope fish annual horoscope 2016 Zodiac sign Pisces symbol

That goes for the job as well as for the personal life. The fish win the heart of a loved one. After the first half of the year, they are likely to travel together. For many, that will feel like the beginning of a new life ...

Horoscope fish

Horoscope fish annual horoscope 2016 illustration water zodiac sign Pisces

professional career

As a rule, fish are not careerists. But for one reason or another, they will have to lead a team over the next year. They are able to make responsible decisions for many people.

Professional success in the new year

Horoscope fish annual horoscope 2016 career

Company managers often count on representatives of this star sign and have many good hopes and expectations. Deciding whether or not to accept this responsibility is fundamental to the future of the fish. That will largely determine their lives for the next few years.

The work as a leader is tense and exhausting. Most fish can not stand such an atmosphere. This must also be considered carefully before the decision.

Professionally it goes uphill

Horoscope fish annual horoscope 2016. Professional success


According to the horoscope, financial problems threaten throughout the year. The reason for this are the previously unfulfilled wishes, which are now to be realized. Some fish spend a lot because they like someone very much. They waste a lot of money on travel, restaurant visits and gifts.

To avoid a financial crisis, you should be honest. An open conversation about the real situation would be advisable in many cases.

Avoid financial problems!

Horoscope fish annual horoscope 2016 money and finance

Fish should stay away from the horoscope of casinos and other gambling games.

Furthermore, it points out that in terms of finances, you only have to rely on yourself. In this respect, you hardly get any help from the outside.

Find the balance between saving money and spending money

Horoscope fish annual horoscope 2016 save money


Because of fatigue and low levels of vitamins, according to the horoscope, many virus infections are threatened. The first vacation should be taken in the spring. This should be dedicated to health.

Stay healthy mentally and physically

Horoscope fish annual horoscope 2016 health

In summer, fish feel fresh and refreshed like hardly ever before in their lives. They get a lot of energy from the sun and the general good mood around them. They make the best of it in the second half of the year.

Enjoy the summertime

Horoscope fish annual horoscope 2016 summer vacation

Fish should dress warmly so as not to endanger their health.

Fish men

Everything in the life of men in the sign of the fishes is related to their inner state and their morality. They need a lot of support, which they can always count on. Your own strength is often insufficient to overcome the hurdles in your life.

The fish man can find the big love in 2016

Horoscope Pisces Men's Annual Horoscope 2016 Love

Pisces Men might fall in love in the summer or fall.

Next year, according to the horoscope, male fish have every chance of getting a better job or buying a property for a good price.

There is also the possibility for a better job

Horoscope fish annual horoscope 2016 new jobHoroscope Pisces Men's Year Horoscope 2016 Find a new job

Fish women

All know about the complicated character and the infinite demands of the fish women. This year, they will be even bigger than ever. Nobody will be able to please them.

The ladies fish should be careful, because the many scandals and quarrels in many cases lead to break in their relationships. Hardly will this happen and they already regret it. The ladies fish quickly start recovering everything.

 Fish women make up for mistakes ...Horoscope fish women annual horoscope 2016