Gems for the zodiac Aries!

Matching gems for the zodiac Aries

The natives under Aries are full of energy. They are very impulsive and like to take the initiative. Aries People can be very passionate. They are very proud, artistically gifted and at the same time have a rich spiritual life. The people of the zodiac Aries are natural leaders.

The disadvantages of Aries are that they are great egocentrics and that they feel excessive jealousy.

Gems Zodiac - good stone combinations for Aries

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Ruby for more patience

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The rams of the first decade cross the border of the healthy and often become despots. To avoid that, they should wear amethyst, ruby ​​and sardonyx (sand opal). These stones make them more reasonable and restrained. Thanks to these gems, the rams also become more patient.

Black coral absorbs the negative energy

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The ram from the second decade should carry diamonds, and especially those that absorb the negative energies. These are about the stones ruby ​​and black coral. They will support their success with the opposite sex.

Compensation by garnet

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The rams of the third decade are the typical unreasonable and stubborn persons. They are great leaders and able to infect many people with their own ideas. The people with this zodiac ram from the third decade must wear garnet. So they overcome their pride and the morbid pursuit of recognition.

All rams would have to carry malachite and amethyst.

 Always wear an amethyst stone!

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The sardonyx will make you more reasonable

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The people of the zodiac Aries are natural leaders

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The diamonds extract the negative energy

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Combine your personal lucky stones

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 Gemstones Zodiac - Malachite is also beneficial to Aries star sign

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Red Jasper as a gemstone for zodiac Aries

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