The rose color meaning – do you speak the flower language?

The meaning of the colors of roses

Who gives away roses, wants to share a romantic message. But whether this is the right one, it is related to the color. Roses always have a romantic meaning, but they are not always the same.

Rose color meaning - White roses

Rose color meaning white

The white roses stand for innocence and that's why bouquets are often used for weddings. They can also symbolize a shared secret. White roses convey that the person has a very special meaning in your life.

How important are the roses in orange?

Rose color meaning orange

This color is very dynamic. It evokes associations with the sun and its hot rays. Present these roses to the person with whom you are still in the hot starting phase of the relationship.

Rose color meaning - blue roses

blue roses rose color showing

Blue roses symbolize mysticism and impossible love. They simply do not exist in nature and are therefore comparable to something supernatural.

What is behind the yellow roses?

Rose color meaning yellow

The yellow roses symbolize platonic friendship and must make it clear that you have no intention of a romantic relationship.

Rose color meaning - black roses

black roses

Unfortunately, getting black roses is not good news. They symbolize the decision to make a relationship.

Pink roses stand for elegance and grace

pink roses delicate colors meaning

The roses with color pink are the most romantic choice. They stand for affection, gentle emotions, elegance and grace.

Rose color meaning - green roses

wedding bouquet of green roses

The green roses are positive, but as far as the romantic meaning is concerned - rather neutral. They symbolize growth, development, change and a lot of harmony.

What do the roses symbolize in color peach?

peach colors roses

If you are especially grateful to someone, then roses in this color are the most appropriate choice. You will perfectly express your feelings without causing misunderstandings.

Rose color meaning - roses in color lavender

roses lavender

Do not confuse lavender with purple roses. Both have different meanings. Roses in color Lavender express love at first sight and the enchantment of a person.

Rose color meaning - White roses stand for innocence

white roses rose color meaning

Rose color meaning white roses

Rose color meaning bouquet

Combine boldly the rose colors together, in order to be able to say much at the same time by the flower language

white and lavender roses

The color orange evokes associations with the sun and its hot rays

Rose color meaning orange roses

orange roses rose color meaning

Blue roses stand for mysticism and impossible love

blue roses colors

Rose color meaning blue plants

Rose Color Meaning - Do you remember what emotions the yellow roses express?

bouquet of yellow roses meaning

yellow roses flowers

Enjoy some nice bouquets in our gallery:

pink roses bouquet

pink roses

Rose color meaning


lavender roses

lavender roses meaning

lavender roses bouquet

bouquet roses