Virgo Zodiac gems for more harmony in everyday life

The matching gems for star sign Virgo


People in the star sign Virgo look very reasonable and quiet at first sight. In fact, they harbor passions in their souls that they simply threaten to burn. That could sometimes destroy her nervous system.

Zodiac Virgo 23.08 - 23.09

Virgo zodiac gems horoscope

Virgins from the first decade are very practical and attentive. They are not adventurous and often miss good opportunities to visit new places and meet new people.

They are very responsible, proud and have a strong sense of justice.

Gems in yellow and golden shades - yellow jasper

Virgo zodiac gems yellow jasper

Bracelet with Jasper stones

Virgo Zodiac Gems Yellow Jasper Bracelet

Typical of the Virgin are the gemstones in yellow and golden nuances. they should jasper, agate in yellow color and heliotrope choose.

Yellow agate

Virgo zodiac gems yellow agate

 Agate bracelet in sunny yellow

Virgo zodiac gems yellow agate bracelet

Heliotrope stones are dark green

Virgo Zodiac Gems Heliotrope

All of these gems enhance the vitality of the Virgin and make her purposeful. People in this zodiac can pass through their inner tension yellow sapphire or topaz drive in golden color.

Sapphire in yellow

Virgo zodiac gems yellow sapphire

Sapphire ring for the elegant virgin ladies

Virgo Zodiac gems yellow sapphire ring

Ring with yellow topaz

Virgo zodiac gems yellow topaz ring

Beautiful and aristocratic are the virgins from the second decade. They are born leaders, show themselves as restrained and self-confident. They are missionaries by nature and they want to teach others their ideas or impose suggestions. That can sometimes make them really annoying.

Gemstones Tiger eye

Virgo Zodiac Gems Tiger Eye stones

Jasper stones in red

Virgo zodiac gems red jasper

Red Jasper necklace

Virgo Zodiac Gems Red Jasper Necklace

The virgins from the second decade should Tigereye carry. This gemstone will help them concentrate and show sense. Red Jasper and emerald can also provide a balance in the character.

The emerald stone has a strong green color

Virgo star sign gems emerald stone

Emerald jewelry set
matching gems star sign virgin emerald jewelry set

The virgins from the last decade are flexible and have a very optimistic nature. This will keep you young for a very long time. They know what they want and make the most of it.

They have strong interests in biochemistry, biology and medicine. Virgins from the last decade are faithful and passionate in love.

Pearl necklace - a jewel for style-conscious ladies

Virgo Zodiac Gems Beaded Necklace

Virgins need gems that appease their character. These are Emerald, golden topaz and yellow sapphire. beads and malachite are recommended for virgins from this decade. Of the Peridot can also help them in their development.

 Malachite bracelet

Virgo Zodiac Gems Malachite Bracelet

 Peridot earrings

Virgo Zodiac Gems Peridot Earrings

 Peridot stones in different forms

Virgo Zodiac Gems Peridot Stones