Men’s clothing: current trends in men’s fashion

men's clothing trends current fashion trends feminine

About the women trends in men's clothes


Men in lace, tight trousers, high heels are not just common in modern gay parades. These trends have been around for a very long time in men's clothing. So what does one realize? Men's clothing is pretty limited today.

The representatives of the strong sex can find mediocrity very difficult.

Insight into the men's wardrobe

Men's clothing trends current fashion trends

You either run the risk of being considered too old-fashioned or cramped or questioning their sexual orientation. Is not that somehow discriminatory?

How feminine is the current menswear?

Men's clothing trends female forms

The tights were first intended for the men

The tights we know today have been around since the Renaissance era. They were part of the men's clothing. They were worn with shorts. The ladies did not need stockings because their skirts were already covered well enough by their clothes. After the pants became longer and the skirts shorter for the ladies, the pantyhose turned into a part of the women's clothing.

The fashion in the Middle Ages

men's clothing fashion history middle ages dresses

Today the leggings are very popular for men

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17th century knights were on high heels

The courageous men of the 17th century wore shoes on heels. You would actually have to feel sorry for those! Their job of Musketeers was exhausting anyway. Now these rules with the paragraphs.

By the way, at that time, lace has decorated the clothes of both sexes.

The history of high heel shoes ...

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Women trends in men wardrobe are rarer

From a historical point of view, therefore, the elements of men's wardrobe today regarded as women's trends are not such. They have already been there but well forgotten. Actually, the ladies have taken much more so far, but this does not seem to damage their image.

How vain are men actually?

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Fashionable men

 men's clothing current fashion trends buisness mode

How do you define today the term "masculinity"?

men's clothing current fashion trends iunisex the modern man

Men have much more freedom today 

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Unisex fashion is trendy

men's clothing current fashion trends coat

Men's fashion by Alexander McQueen

men's clothing trends current fashion trends alexander mcqueen

Daring tendencies: clothes for men

men's clothing trends current fashion trends women

The androgenic style prevails in the street fashion

men's clothing trends current fashion trends unisex

Right is a woman and left - a man

men's clothing trends androgynous fashion

Bright colors in men's fashion

men's clothing trends bright colors fashion trends

men's clothing trends trend colors fashion trends

Elements of the women's clothing

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Daring fabric pattern also for men

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Old rose for the modern man

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