Men’s fashion 2015 – the current color trends for this season

men's fashion 2015 current causal fashion soldier green

Men's fashion 2015 - the current color trends for this season

As the seasons change, not only the environment and the weather, but also our clothing change. The first thing you notice is the textiles and the colors, right? Especially the shades have a direct and intense effect on our senses. They awaken memories and emotions and ensure an unconscious change of mood.

That's why we're talking about color trends in current men's fashion for 2015. Join us and learn more about the key nuances that will be worn this summer. And what about that exactly in haute couture? How do the big names in fashion design interpret the latest trends and which combinations are popular and popular?

Elegant men's suits for 2015

men's fashion 2015 current trend elegant casual

This summer, menswear is characterized by more neutral and grave hues such as indigo blue, sand, soldier green, gray and white.

The color indigo blue

Let's start with the ultimate color for this season - the color indigo blue. It is an inspiration for tranquility, confidence and harmony, which sometimes provides for tranquility. Luxury brands such as Armani Jeans and Emidio Tucci have chosen this color trend. And Tod's Italian designers combine indigo with even darker nuances for a more intense effect.

Armani Jeans - the classic

Men's fashion current colors denim armani jeans

Louis Vuitton prefers slightly lighter blue for the season

men's fashion 2015 current trends louis vuitton

The color sand

This color is neutral and meaningful at the same time. It reminds us of the sun and summer, a pleasant tan and the endless beaches in the south. Big designer companies like Calvin Klein, Canali and Ports 1961 paid a lot of attention to the sand this year. Although this shade is almost easy to combine with all the others, it is used by most designers only in pure or in combination with white.

Causal style in sand by Calvin Klein

men's fashion current colors calvin small sand

Intensive sand color in combination with dark blue

men's fashion 2015 current trends sand color

 The color soldier green

This is a color that looks neutral and natural. It actually fits with all other colors and can be worn in summer as well as in winter. It stands for reassurance, but also for masculinity and strength. The biggest flag bearer of this color trend is Valentino with his camouflage. But we also see them at a mainstream brand like Desigual, where the outfits have an adventurous touch.

The chic camo by Valentino

men's fashion 2015 current valentino soldier green camouflage design

The cool desigual look

men's fashion current colors desigual 2015

 The color grey

The gray is shining this summer. Nevertheless, this color remains very discreet and elegant. It also allows harmonic contrasts with other color accents. For example, Ermanno Scervino combines them with different gray nuances or with white. At Panton we find combinations with dark blue and green.

Masculine elegance in light gray by Ermanno Scervino

men's fashion current colors ermanno scervino

Gray has, as we know, at least 50 nuances

men's fashion current colors 2015 glazed gray

Discreet and casual in every situation

men's fashion 2015 current trends colors

The color white

On the catwalk you wear the pure white and minimalist this season. Especially Gucci and Neil Barrett are behind this trend in the men's fashion for 2015. Do not be afraid of the dirt - the white in 2015 is simply the new black!

Sophistication in white by Gucci

men's fashion 2015 current trends white suit gucci

Street fashion by Neil Barrett

men's fashion current colors summer 2015 neil barrett

Versace has again made a stunning appearance in white

men's fashion 2015 current summer collection versace

What do you think of the new color trends? Are your favorite colors included?

 Timeless elegance with Spanish design - of course Dolce and Gabbana

men's fashion 2015 dolce gabbana black suit spanish design

Indigo blue made of cotton

Men's fashion current colors denim indigo cotton

Sophisticated in dark blue by Canali

men's fashion 2015 modern man collection canali

Alive and determined in soldiers green

men's fashion current trends colors 2015 soldiers green