Chinese zodiac signs and the year of the wooden sheep

2015 Chinese zodiac annual horoscope wooden sheep

The fate of the Chinese zodiac for 2015


Are you interested in the Chinese zodiac? I think, at least at the beginning of the year, we all do that, right?

Do you know which of the Chinese zodiacs was dominant at birth?

The Chinese zodiacs change like the others in 12 phases. The first is the rate and the last one was at the top position in the 1997 cycle.

Chinese Zodiac

Chinese zodiac horoscope 2015 sheep

But you have to know that the Chinese year does not start at the same time as ours. For example, the year of the rate started on 19.12.1996. Most of the time it starts a little later, in January or February. There are many info tables on the net. You can always easily check which Chinese zodiac you have.

2015 - the year of the goat or the wooden sheep

Chinese zodiac horoscope 2015 goat


The year of the goat for the other Chinese zodiac signs

This year we have the year of the goat. In the following we want to give an outlook on how the fate of the other Chinese zodiacs is influenced by the characteristics of the goat or the wooden sheep, as it is also called.


Chinese zodiac horoscope pig

People with the Chinese zodiac pig should expect emotional challenges. But that can make them make many fundamental changes in their lives. If you see the tensions and risks as opportunities, you can start successful projects of any complexity this year.


Chinese zodiac horoscope buffalo

On a personal level, the buffaloes have the opportunity to start a very different phase in their lives. You will be much more insightful in terms of personal circumstances. Not only in the family, but also in the job can be very helpful. You will understand that in all human relationships must play a leading role.


Chinese zodiac horoscope bunny

Changes and inconsistency, as well as flight from one to the other extreme, await the hare, according to the Chinese star horoscope. In difficult moments they should therefore not forget the motto: If everything looks very chaotic, then something wonderful tries to make their way to you.


Chinese zodiac horoscope dragon

Cardinal changes in the habits that dominate everyday life are the challenge for the people of the zodiac dragon. If they do, then they will indeed have great success.


Chinese zodiac horoscope snake

Something lame will be the people who are under the Chinese star sign of the serpent. They will watch the others and try to be carried off the train. At some point, they are challenged by the power of the goat to their own decisive actions. Concentration and activity are the keys to success.


Chinese zodiac horoscope horse

The horses have the highest expectations at the beginning of the year compared to all other zodiac signs. And they are right to do so, because the energy they need is in surplus. But you should be careful not to cause irrevocable damage in your personal life.


Chinese zodiac horoscope monkey

Of all the Chinese zodiac signs, monkeys will devote most of their time to their own well-being. It's about the house, car and vacation. They should use the positive energy to gain power for many other "greater" acts.


Chinese zodiac horoscope rooster

Similar to the monkeys it looks the same with the taps. Not only well-being, but also super high standard in all respects will be among its leading goals.


Chinese zodiac horoscope dog

The good expectations are surpassed by all Chinese death signs most in the dogs. These will greatly improve their interpersonal relationships in all respects and will feel an incredible, harmonious energy.


Chinese zodiac horoscope tiger

The people with star sign Tiger will have many hurdles, but in no case will encounter insoluble problems. But they will overcome the challenges one after the other and come out with many achievements and a stronger character at the end of the year.


Chinese zodiac horoscope rate

Of all Chinese zodiac signs, rats will be the least bored. But progress will also be more cautious and difficult. Be wide awake and learn from the challenges!

We actually recommend this to all Chinese zodiac signs!

We wish you a wonderful new year!

2015 Chinese zodiac horoscope wooden sheep