Japanese Zodiac – the secrets of the Japanese horoscope

 japanese zodiac horoscope

Japanese Zodiac – Get to know each other better

We are still at the beginning of the year and the forecasts for its development are very topical. Astrologers and metaphysicians all agree that as many sources of information as possible should be considered in order to get an objective picture of 2015.

Do you know the Japanese Zodiac? Do you want to know which symbol you should identify with and what luck you will have according to the prediction of the Japanese horoscope? If so, then you do not have to search for a suitable source. We summarize everything for you now.

Breathtaking panorama in Japan

japanese zodiac pagoda spring flowers mountains

The 12 Japanese zodiac signs

The Japanese zodiac signs are just like ours in number. So you are twelve. But they have different names, but deviate from ours in the period. The characteristics are also quite different from the ones we know better.

Cherry Blossom (15.02 – 20.03)

You are spontaneous, passionate, enthusiastic, full of positive energy, have a pure heart. It would not be bad if you are more purposeful and trust your friends and family more.

Delicate passion in pink

Japanese star cherry blossom

Sun (21.03 – 29.04)

They are the idealistic of all the Japanese zodiac signs. Wisdom and beauty are your moving forces in life. They long for justice all the time. If you always follow your intuition, you would not be wrong.

Fiery and fair

Japanese star sign sun sea

Bamboo (30.04- 04.06)

They are light and flexible. They belong to the Japanese zodiac signs, which most easily adapt to different people and circumstances. They are great for teamwork. But you would have to trust your inner feeling more.

Flexible and balanced

japanese zodiac bamboo round stones

Ox from the rice fields (05.06 – 06.07)

They work all the time and pretty much exaggerate it in most cases. They do not complain and get through perfectly. If you start a family, you can rely on your relatives well.

Strong and loyal

Japanese zodiac ox rice fields

Lotus Blossom (07.07- 01.08)

These are very sensitive, gentle and somewhat unfocused persons. Compassion is another of their most typical traits. The people of this Japanese zodiac love life, family, and children. With a little more dying, they can get everything they dreamed of.

Affectionate and compassionate

japanese zodiac lotus flower violet

Japanese Bridge (02- 27.08)

They make the connection between two worlds, two coasts … even between two universes one can say. They were born to help the others. They are attracted by the exciting apparitions, the mystical journeys and the art. They in turn tend to give up their purpose in the middle of the path. Learn to control this property.

Helpful and adventurous

Japanese zodiac bridge

Garden stone (28.08-10.10)

Curious, charming and very good natured. With this approach, it is easy for you to influence the opinions of other people. But you will always be saddened by the realization that you can not be perfect. Consider whether this is not a relative term and does not depend on the eyes of the beholder.

Charismatic and assertive

Japanese zodiac gardening colorful

Imperator (11.10 – 18.11)

They regard life as an infinite adventure. They meet many obstacles again and again. But you remain convinced of your success. The quality you should overcome is your rough character.

Positive attitude and pragmatic

Japanese star sign imperator

Empress (19.11 – 26.12)

You know what you want and follow your goals at any price. But they are also looking for a strong support. Mostly you do that with a man – your friend, brother, husband.

Determined and communicative

Japanese star sign imperator imperator

Moon (27.12 – 18.01)

The moon plays a special role in the Japanese zodiac signs. These are magical, quiet, mystical people. But they tend to renounce their personal development because of the great love. Think well, if this is really worthwhile.

Still and enigmatic

japanese zodiac moon night

Holy turtle (19.01-14.02)

This Japanese zodiac designates people who are usually fragile, wise and very careful. Women usually put on the mask of an “ice queen”. But underneath one discovers a person with free will, who is at the same time very passionate and willing to fight. Learn to always express your opinion freely.

Sensitive and wise at the same time

japanese zodiac sacred turtle

Please, carefully read the information in the Japanese annual horoscope and do not confuse them with the Chinese Zodiac. These have not been named after animals, but after plants. Often these are confused and that is a pity. Because the knowledge about the Japanese zodiac signs is quite enriching, as you probably already noticed.