Light dishes for the cold winter time

light dishes cucumbers olive tomatoes

Salads as light dishes for the winter

It is very appropriate for the winter to have light meals at the table. Does this seem like a difficult task for you? We have the solution that we want to offer you today!

Light dishes can be eaten as delicious salads! These could replace one of your meals in the winter time.

This can happen around the evening if you do not want to eat much or have lunch when you are with colleagues. With this kind of diet you have light meals with more vegetables and the amount of fatty sauces and meat you can control much easier. Here are our suggestions.

Today we will not give you any concrete recipes. Rather, it's about ideas on how to combine the products that are used to make light meals. The easiest way is probably with salads, but other dishes are also in question.

Light dishes - low calorie potato salads

light dishes potato salad spices

You could achieve a number of light dishes by using the potatoes themselves as a base. Goes well with beans, but also baked peppers, which is cut small. Many different varieties of fish can be combined with the potato salad. Chives and balsamic vinegar are suitable.

Have you already tried potato salad with tuna or salmon? The dressings in winter can be a bit heartier, but best still low in fat. You have enough suitable offers in the market. The popular mayonnaise is now available in many varieties, some of which are low in fat but at the same time super healthy.

New potatoes with spring onions

light dishes potato salad leek onion

Light potato salad with parsley

light dishes potato salad parsley

Fresh radishes and mayonnaise

light dishes potato salad radishes

Simple potato salad with pepper

low-calorie dishes potato salad onions

Make light dishes with chicken

light dishes chicken breast fillet

Good quality poultry meat is always a great base for healthy eating. It includes well-prepared potatoes, grapes, yoghurt and spicy spices. What do you think of this combination.

Poultry meat is very popular and therefore you can prepare a lot of different salads. You can also combine it with different cheeses. Especially popular is the recipe with mold and mushroom cheese. Such recipes can also be counted among the "light" dishes. It is not accepted if one eats or combines them in measured quantity. The listed cheeses are very greasy, but they also have very healthy ingredients. They are therefore very well assimilated in small quantities and do not cause the weight to increase. The healthier they are in combination with salads and meat. But you should not think that a pizza with blue cheese is healthy, or that the combination with cereals in general makes "light meal".

Chicken breast fillet with mushrooms and cherry tomatoes

light dishes artichoke mushrooms

Stuffed chicken with spinach and feta cheese

low calorie dishes chicken peas feta cheese

Chicken with processed cheese and vegetables

light dishes chicken cheese

The different combinations of chicken with potatoes and light mayonnaise, as well as cucumbers makes great light meals. They are quick to prepare and combine in the reason only to the healthy products that also fit together well. The sour cucumbers provide the organism with a lot of vitamin C.

Light dishes with chicken work very well, even if you decide to combine them with grilled vegetables.

Think of grilled vegetables in combination with parsley and fennel

low calorie dishes fennel parsley

That sounds delicious, right? And tastes delicious!

What do you think? Can light meals be part of your daily menu?

Colorful fruit and vegetable salad with spaghetti

  light dishes vegetables fruit salad

Fresh tomato and cucumber salad

light dishes vegetable salad

Grilled chicken with fresh side dish

light dishes chicken grilled salad

Stuffed chicken with mushrooms and onions

light dishes chicken mushrooms salad

Chicken with sweet and sour sauce and rice

light dishes chicken rice vegetables

Colorful chicken salad with cheese

light dishes potato salad cheese ham

Lentils with sweet potatoes

light dishes lentils sweet potatoes

Exotic salad with spinach and mango

light dishes spinach mango

Beetroot, rukola and hazelnuts

light dishes beetroot nuts