Men with beard at the Bearded World Cup 2015 in Austria

Attract men with a beard

Confident men with beard set trends in Salzburg Leogang

It was all just fun when the first Bartolympiade 2005 took place in Salzburg’s holiday region Leogang. Back then, 10 years ago, no one suspected that bearded men represented such an interest and could even come back into fashion.

Five years later, the Olympiad is already the European championship and attracts visitors from all cities, villages and communities of the old continent. In the last two years, the event is growing in the beautiful Alpine village and is maturing into a world championship.

Imaginative facial hair will be exhibited at the Bart WM in Leogang

Men with beard hornhorn

You can admire practically all beard tendencies of the time

Men with beard supported

Caring for and laying a beard becomes a real art

Men with red beard shaped

The tradition of the beard is more alive than ever

Men with beard red swinging

This year’s World Championships will feature a total of 18 beard cat categories, which will be judged according to the jury’s strict observation. 350 bearded participants from more than 20 different countries of the world, including Germany, Finland, the USA, England, France, Hungary and, of course, the host Austria proudly exhibit exceptional facial hair in front of about 2,000 people.

In the three main categories full beard, chin and beards and Trendbart, a jury selects the best mustaches, musketeers, cheeks and beards.

And if someone is close to the conviction that curlers, hair spray, wax and long hours in front of the mirror rather for the description of a women’s portrait, which is definitely wrong in this case.

Everything revolves around the beards, during the three-day event

Men with beard foursome

The styling of the beards knows no restrictions

Men with beard red beard

The Scandinavian north shows its old tradition of beard care

Men with beard rotahharig

 For hours a beard styling is properly wound, blown and plucked

Men with beard red hair dryer

To get the title world champion, the participants should put a lot of work, patience, effort, discipline and above all enthusiasm in their beards. For this year’s ceremony alone, people plucked, laid and styled for hours. It was not easy for the jury to select the best from 318 beard artists. Many participants are already getting on with their work and showing the most creative ideas and stagings. The task of the jury, however, is to judge the beard alone and not the whole appearance of the bearer. After a few hours the jury comes to a conclusion. Three main categories, 18 subcategories, about 2000 happy spectators and 18 proud world champions. Leogang is a hit and maybe you will be on the way at the upcoming Bart World Cup and experience something different?

Long hours of effort and patience can make you a beard world champion

Men with beard extravagant

Strict is the rating of the jury, but also fair

Men with beard jury

The beard is judged, not the overall appearance

Men with beard crazy

You also have to wear a beard

Men with beard red tyrolean

Out of 318 candidates from all over the world, only 18 favorites are selected in 3 main categories

Men with beard red full