Dead Sea Salt – healing natural source full of valuable minerals

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Dead Sea salt - healing secrets and wonderful effects on our health

Historical sources show that people are aware of the effects of salt from the dead sea for many millennia. It is a wonderful source of health and beauty.

Science has now also found a rational explanation.

Here are salts and minerals that have been collected over millions of years. From this developed the world's most abundant source of 21 identified beneficial substances. These include magnesium, potassium, bromine, calcium.

12 of the healthy substances can not be found anywhere else in the world

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Dead Sea salt effect

Most of the salt from the Dead Sea is highly appreciated for its cosmetic and relaxing effects. It provides the skin with suitable nutrients, activates the blood circulation in the body. The Dead Sea salt effect can also be very beneficial for some chronic pathological symptoms. For example, they will feel much better with rheumatism through their use.

Natural salt crystals

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Important minerals for a perfect skin

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Water from the dead sea

Water from the dead sea has a very beneficial effect on a number of symptoms. Above all, it can be applied to a number of unpleasant skin diseases. We mainly mean allergies, eczema, psoriasis, pus. The water promotes blood circulation, metabolism and the nervous system relaxes.

They just look better and are more relaxed

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Mineral clay from the Mediterranean

It can heal wounds, eliminate seborea and dandruff. Lubricating with this clay, which naturally contains Dead Sea salt, makes the process of aging much slower. Especially beneficial is its effect on migraines and headaches. Many symptoms, which are due to worn and old joints, can be alleviated. Stress, fatigue and insomnia are no longer so acute when you use the salt from the dead sea.

Treat yourself to a mask of mineral clay

Dead sea salt clay face mask

Try the effect of the mud soap of Najel

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Dead Sea salt effect against orange peel

Sea salt in general has a beneficial effect against cellulite. When massaging in, you can influence the corresponding fat cells and let them disintegrate. Due to the concentration of active ingredients, which was just mentioned in the salt from the dead sea, you have much better chances of success!

Prevent cellulitis

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Obtain a whole cosmetics series with Dead Sea salt

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100% natural salt from Salthouse

Dead sea salt bath salts

A salt scrub will do you good

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The care cream from Botanis is definitely recommended

Dead Sea Salt Facial Cream

The Dead Sea Mask by Schaebens will not disappoint

Dead Sea Salt Mask Schaebens

Valuable minerals for your health

Dead Sea Salt Mineral Soap

Do not forget your optimal dental care

dead sea salt toothpaste

Homemade bath salt with flowers is a great gift

 make dead sea salt bath salts yourself

Combine dead sea salt with medicinal herbs of your choice

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