What is a hipster and where are the roots of this culture?

What is a hipster definition?

What is a hipster?


The most important indication of the meaning of the word "hipster" is the part "hip". It is not so much about the etymology of the word, but about the usual character of the people who like to use it. As we all know, the hippie movement evolved widely after the end of World War II.

Why is hipster fashion so current?

What is a hipster defination and movement fashion

The role of the hippie movement

What is a hipster and the hippie movement

Many people had to deal directly or indirectly with the brutality of the war. After his end they wanted to have a gentle everyday life. After the heavy war experience they were able to appreciate things like luxury and career. The suspicion was there, that the war was the price for this ...

Back in the 70s

What is a hipster hipster movement


What is a hipster definition hippie peace

The hippies tried to realize their own ideals under the motto "love and peace". The broad interest in politics and philosophy shaped the society. Hippies liked to listen to jazz and other music styles. So mostly music created by black musicians. The hippies themselves became musicians. They gladly scandalized the society in order to shatter the existing social system.

With the work, it looked like you just wanted so much of it to survive. There was little talk of great ambitions.

Today's hipster movement

What is a hipster defination street look

Street-style fashion

What is a hipster fashion piece of clothing

Today's hipsters

Unfortunately, the wars have not stopped. Cruel conflicts worldwide are among the daily news. We've gotten used to it practically. The hipsters do not lead such a radical, out of the normal way of life as the hippies back then. They show through their clothing and behavior in a symbolic way that they want something different from the usual for themselves and the whole world. And that's important. This has to do with the ideas of the hippies.

So what's a hipster and what is not it? This is someone who does not fight against the system through revolutions and a scandalous way of life. He is well integrated into society and still allows himself to be different. Thus, he makes his environment to become more open.

Hipsters are the hippies of today

What is a hipster fashion and style

age group

Let's answer the question "who is a hipster?" Statistically. These are mostly educated people in their 20s and 30s. As far as social status is concerned, hipsters are usually a part of the modern middle class. This is usually the case, but you can now find people with this style in all social classes.

The age limit is very flexible

What is a hipster defination fashion movement

Hipsters trigger controversial reactions

It's hard to say that hipsters are understood in society. That's not necessarily their goal. It is still debatable whether all people who pretend to hipsters understand the meaning of the whole thing exactly. However, that is not so crucial either. It's okay to have personal, though sometimes superficial, reasons for belonging to a group.

Hipsters in society

What is a hipster and where does it come from?

Take the hairstyles typical of this style as an example. Many of us are currently recognizing the haircut when someone is a hipster. If you become a hipster just because of the clothes and hair style, that may sound a bit superficial. Is it really that way?

Let's say it again: The hipsters make society get used to being different! As soon as you reach this goal, your effort makes sense. Whether he reaches the goal consciously or intuitively, that is, unconsciously, is not important, right?

It could also be the hairstyle to be a hipster

What is a hipster modern style

Fashion and design

From the perspective of design and fashion hipsters provide new creative impulses. We find that this is only positive. Look at the outfits and hairstyles below! Can you steal something for yourself? Or do you want to completely go over to this style? Are you already a hipster?

Hipster fashion

What is a hipster defination mode

Must Have Accessories: hat and sneakers 

What is a hipster defination hipster fashion

On road…

What is a hipster defination fashion urban style

Current trend: Wear shoes without socks

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Please do not forget hipster glasses!

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